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  1. Ah just personal stuff .... Nothing important.
  2. Ehhhh..... Just thinking.
  3. Yo. How are you? Did you get bored or something?
  4. Yeah. Most of the people i came across downright hated it. Although it's mostly 50/50 i happened to have to run into the other side.
  5. O.O really? I didn't know you felt that way.
  6. I'm good. About to watch TLJ.
  7. How are you doing btw?
  8. You're welcome
  9. Of course.

    If you would like to ask questions feel free.
  10. Awww. I see.

    Really? You found it like that? Well what are the odds eh? Lol.
  11. That's excellent.

    4: Do you Play other games in the PSO series?

    5: How did you find PSO world?
  12. 1:How did you get into the PSO Series?

    2:Would you in a way like to be friends?
  13. I'm was wondering if i could ask you 1 or 2 things.
  14. Hello.
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