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  1. Thanks Step
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. You welcome Step and it is nice to see you too
  4. Thanks a lot! And nice to see you again.
  5. Happy birthday Step ^_^
  6. oh yeah where i am the time different from your i forgot cause those times i ask was alway near 4:00am and now it is 5:23pm
  7. It's not a weird time, don't worry! It's Sunday, the middle of the day here! And I don't have trouble connecting to people, either, I can even play with Chaos, who can't connect to anybody else.
  8. okay i understand it my fault for asking at weird times and i won't mind helping you to see if you can connect to someone cause i can try to connect to you when ever you want to do that
  9. I don't have much trouble with disconnects, it's just that I'd have to switch from WPA to WEP, and I'm still not sure if everybody will be able to connect to it. That, and yeah, I just don't feel like playing.
  10. and i forgot to put that reconnected thing that don't piss me off cause that happen to everybody to tell you the truth sometime it funny to me cause the connection mess up at the weirdness places, times, like one time it mess when me and somebody(forgot who) it did the thing where look like the person drrop their link so like i said that don't piss me off
  11. It fine i understand of about the wifi connections are thing sometime i have the same problem but i don't mind it just let me know when want to you try it because you are fun to play with. and the thing about this the third time you turn me down i understand it and i know real life is more important like i said before maybe we can play later on today or later
  12. No, sorry. I don't play PSZ much these days, and I don't want to piss of my friends who'll have to reconnect after I change WiFi. Maybe later...

    ...And it looks like I turn you down third time in a row. I'm really sorry!
  13. hey do want to do a run
  14. that okay i may start the tower or work on my other two characters
  15. No, not right now, sorry...
  16. want to play
  17. I'd like to play later, but I'm a bit tired right now. Sorry.
    I only have the old DS. Shanks has a 3DS, I'm not sure if anybody else does.
  18. do you or someone in the group has a 3ds
  19. want to try to play again i am trying to get rath-kun, foodfood, seph, or vint to play they haven't answer yet
  20. it okay i had fun you help me out alot thank we should do it again but next time i should bring my RAcaseal or my FOmarl
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