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  1. I was kinda away (car crash with a family member involved), if you're still online I can log in now.
  2. Hiya,

    you online at the moment? I just got home. Eating dinner but i'm in game in m,y room. player name Eden, wanna do some runs in say 10 mins and meet me in my room?

  3. Hi,

    It would be really great! I'm online everyday but I don't have a fixed time to get on. Its normally around 1-2pm EST and later around 6-7pm EST.

    My character name is Sukkrl and I'm normally on universe 2 as its the only place I can find players.

    Hope to see you on the game.
  4. Hiya,

    Saw your post on the biggest PSU mistake thread. You looking for people's to play with on PC/PS2 server? I'm online daily and always up for meeting new peoples I've recently added lots of new'ish players to my card list to replace friends i've made over the years who just don't play anymore so I can help introduce you to lots of active players

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