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  1. I actually haven't played Demon's Souls - by the time I had heard of it, Sony had started doing all sorts of disingenuous things to their customers, so I never picked it up.

    It is a great game though - but so far, it doesn't seem so much "hard," but I'm still in the earlier parts of the game. From my understanding, the nightmare-inducing content starts a little farther in than I currently am. The combat and exploration are very fun, and the way all of the areas are interconnected feels almost like a true 3D Metroidvania.

    From what I've heard, the game is largely improved over Demon's Souls, with the exception of the network aspect, which is a little shaky due to peer-to-peer networking being used instead of dedicated servers for the game (to prevent any issues of server upkeep, so the online mode won't randomly be shut down if they decide to give up the servers).
  2. Hey there. I saw that you mentioned that you play Dark Souls when browsing the PSO2 forum. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind shedding some light on how it plays compared to Demon Souls, if you wouldn't mind. I was thinking about picking it up after reading some reviews and watching some videos, but I'm still not very sure about grabbing it.

    In any case, I thought I'd just reach out to grab some perspective on the game. No obligations -- just curious.
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