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  1. Thanks man!
  2. Happy birthday NY giants fan!
  3. Hey buddy how's it going? How's life treating you? You playing PSO2?
  4. Happy Birthday Giants fan!! go giants!!! hope they make it to the super bowl man! rematch against the pats!
  5. Happy Birthday AC9breaker! / GIANTS FAN!!!
    hope you have a good quarter cent.!
  6. Happy Birthday Football Fanatic!
    I remember last year I said Happy Birthday and it was about football.
  7. you're welcome.. =)
  8. O dang, thanks for reminding me! Almost forgot!
  9. HAppy Birthday!
  10. Can't lose hope man! Remember we where 0 and 2 last year, ANYTHING can happen. It should have been 41 - to 6, what an unbelievable touchdown catch on the rams 2nd.
  11. ehh the jags... they just lost ... 0-2
    Defense is starting to suck.
    maybe its not there year this year. but there still hope only 2 losses
    but your Giants are doing good 41 - 13 and 2 - 0

    i sure wish my jaguars were like the 1998 jaguars when they were 14-2 with Brunell
  12. Not bad, been working a lot so kinda tired. Also I stopped playing PSU a few months ago. Also equally excited about my Giants this year. Are the Jags doing anything this year?
  13. I need to send you My GT so we can play. =)
    by the way How are you? n_n
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