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  1. I haven't signed on PSO2 for a bit, but I'll try to let ya know before I head on again. Been busy playing another game atm lol.
  2. So when we meeting up Brim? =P
  3. Yeah, I thought that was you! xD I'll have to see if I can run into you again later. =P Can't play PSO2 without teaming up with my first ever friend from PSU. xD Lets meet up when we can Brim if you're up to it. =P Did you get my card!? xD
  4. Hey Lacen. I see you were talking to me in game, but I was asleep at the time. lol
  5. Yo Brim! What's up man? Long time no see. =P I finally got back on PSOW after not being able to log-in for awhile. I'd write more but I'm gonna be late for work. Hope to see you online later if I can get on with the Error 060 going on. @[email protected];;; Anyway, take care Brim I'll see ya later. =P
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