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  1. This is probably one of my favorite things we did. Hardest instance in the game at the time and Ein and I duo'd it. Good times. CO had its flaws but second to PSU, it's probably the most fun we all had as a group.
  2. Yeah, you would have liked us in our prime. Shame that couldn't last.
  3. I joined you guys way too late, this right here is how you make PSU fun. Imagine what we would have done if we were all still together for PSO2 :P So many good times.

    God, Dante singing the Transformers theme for X. Classic.
  4. There's also Zer0's channel. Here's a link to one of the videos for you:
  5. ...I fucking miss you guys XD This is as amazing as I remember it being. Thanks!
  6. Oh my god, please rectify the shit out of it. I miss the old vent clips ;_;
  7. Fuck, is that not recorded? I'm going to rectify this.
  8. So I was working on a project all day at work today and for whatever reason I had Otherworld from FFX in my head basically the whole time. That eventually transitioned into the version you and Dante did on vent. I really wish that was uploaded somewhere because it was fucking amazing.
  9. Heh, I wouldn't be able to actually make it, but have fun :O I am totally looking for getaway ideas for this summer though...I'm thinking beach roadtrip.
  10. Disney is happening. Friday the 21st through sunday the 23rd. You still interested? We could use the extra company.
  11. Ha. I hate meaning to get to something for weeks, and never being able to do it. I've been having troubles with my energy and focus, especially with this sickness. It gets hard with all the judging I'm doing, and all the threads in fanworks I want to keep on top of.
  12. Impeccable timing. Seriously, that's about all I can add it up to XD

    I'm either really quick or I'm a horrible person and it takes me days.
  13. Kentucky's pretty north. I don't think I could survive 0*. 20's bad enough. And -20 seems like it would tear my flesh off.

    So I've noticed that, even though I don't see you too much on PSOW, you seem to reply quickly to messages. What's up with that?
  14. I've been sick off and on all winter and I never get sick, ugh. I can't wait until going outside isn't a dreadful nightmare any longer.

    I'm in Kentucky. We had a stretch last month where wind chills were consistently below 0, with one morning being -25. It literally hurt to be outside ;_;
  15. I'd be giving you my sympathies if I haven't been sick for what seems like a month. Where do you live, anyway? I've never lived north enough to experience a bad winter. The worst is the 20*s we get for weeks on end.
  16. Pretty much ._. It's just...this is the worst winter we've had in a couple of decades and it just WON'T END. I wish I could banish it with the fire of a thousand suns.
  17. Just saw your sig. Are your eyeballs still freezing over?
  18. Ahahahaha, yes! I will subdue the Lemon Pine-Sol factories with FIRE!!! >:3
  19. Sounds less high tech than your last answer. I heard lemon dissipated the spell by reacting to the sulfur in the mixture. Maybe get some lemon scented?
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