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  1. Adam the great, it made my day to hear from you old friend.
  2. Wow! Yet another older player who logged in today! I'm quite surprised to see how busy your conversation board is here, AIM. Before I go to another board to check things out, though, I would like to take a moment to let you know how nice it was to see you playing so nice with people on the stupid old Gamecube, back when you still played that. Seeing the interactions between yourself and 09 was great, and should have been a great place to start a fan fiction of some sort, although that never came about, so far as I know.

    Since your board here is so busy, and since you seem to still log on, I suspect you'll end up seeing this message sooner, rather than later. Then again, I might have simply caught you on your last way out of here, never to be seen again.

    Hey, it happens.

    Have a great day, old friend. I hope you are doing well with your current interests, whatever they might be.
  3. I joined PSO2 a couple weeks ago. Before that I've been console gaming and the experience isn't quite the same. Its good to see you back.
  4. I'm not on PSO2. I don't know if I ever will be since I don't think I have a computer that will run it. At least, Metatime tells me I don't. I was told, however, that my phone might be able to run it, which is kind of humiliating that a phone might be better than an entire laptop or desk top computer.

    I'm thinking of trying it out, but need something that it will run on, and I"m not interested in using a phone for it. I want something with physical keyes to press and enter commands from, it's just something I'm more used to. Lable me slow to adapt, but that's just how I am accustomed to gaming.

    Are you on PSO2, or have you moved on to more fruitful horizons?
  5. Adam the great. Its sure been a while. Are you playing PSO2?
  6. Miss gaming with you, man. Hope you're diong well.
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