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  1. Hey, hows college life?
  2. Heeeey! Long time no see!
  3. Ring come back
  4. Nothing Much, been skating recently and yourself?
  5. Yo! What's up? XD
  6. I play Minecraft here and there, been working out at the gym too!
  7. Yup, I don't have to rely on student loans anymore xD. So what vg have you been playing?
  8. Ah yeah a job! You can buy stuff now
  9. Lotss have happened, but I don't really feel like writing it all xD Buuut, I am getting a job this summer! Yeah!
  10. Pretty good, yep, so watcha been up too?
  11. inorite! life has been tough, but here I am XD How u been?
  12. holy poop man its been like 3 months!
  13. Heeey duuuude.
  14. Happy New Years! └( ̄▽ ̄*)
  15. I hope you did too! Hey do you have Skype? If you do add mwah.
  16. Hope you had a good Christmas =D
  17. Ah , um.... I'm just wish my grandma doesn't break down...
  18. =( That sucks. My Dad is on disability now. I'm glad he gets to stay home!

    BTW, what are you wishing for this Christmas?
  19. Ditto, I think my grandma just wants to stay home. She also works my whole vacation..
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