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  1. Yeah im excitedd too, cause i have such a WONDERFUL experience with grinding :/ (3/8 sn/g went to 5/5 :'(((((((() lol....but synth is better tho!
  2. Really? That's good because I have some stuff to synth and grind too.

    I'm on Pacific Standard Time.
  3. Yeah if u go to and just look around in the mission carnival link were getting our usual, 10% grind.syth, the usual
    At work?? What time is it where you are?
  4. Do we even get rewards for this event? I don't think there's a website for this event like there was for past events, which means there are no rewards to unlock! ST kind of threw this event at us suddenly so I have no idea what kind of rewards (if any) they have planned.

    Right now I'm at work. I probably shouldn't even be on PSOW right now. XD But I'm bored so I check it in between doing other things. Anyway, gotta go for now!
  5. Yeap yeapp imm luckeeyyyy gonna save em and make em with rewards after this event

    What are you doin?
  6. You got both in one run? Wow, congratulations!
  7. Lol yeah, i wasnt very good back then, then again who was lol
    My favorite by far was MAG because of how many hours i have on PSO, the music alone was awesome
    OOUUHH LOL, just did a run and got Rattle snake AND Baret board and they both went to me !! ima take a screen shot of this

    Thats good you like the carnival
  8. I watched the video of Tsukasa fighting De Ragan. You were only level 22 back then, it was a long time ago!

    The Carnival is okay so far. It's fun but it's pretty much the same thing over and over. 1Up and Firebreak were my favorite events because they actually had different missions you could choose. The best part of Carnival is the Polty room, it's great for PA leveling!
  9. Luckkyyyy yeah i would like to take a few more screen shots but i can record some videos, lol if you wanna see an OLD video from like when i started youtube barker5227 or so, ull see some of mine lol

    So how do you like the carnival so far?
  10. That happens to me once in a while but it's usually my Internet connection's fault.

    The main reason I like PC is because I can take screenshots without a capture card.
  11. well 360 is fucking rediculous, its SOO laggy....its really annoying cause the monsters attack normal speed and you lagg....soo day lol

    Well id playy with you lololoooooooooooo I wish i woulda started on comp actually tho...
  12. I don't own a 360, sorry. The population is pretty small, usually 2-3 stars in Uni 2 and half a star in the others. It's okay though, I still see lots of people around. Especially now with the Carnival going on, it's never hard to find people to play with.

    I don't get much lag since my computer is only a couple years old. I've heard that PS2 players get more lag than the PC players, though.
  13. I have a HUmar to 200 or so, and RAcast or w.e lvl 140+ dont remember rest, then i sold my GC and XBOX after getting 360

    You should get on 360 ;D How populated is comp? And hows the lag?
  14. lol I think I only played about 400 hours on GC, which is still a lot compared to most games. I have a level 134 HUnewearl that I haven't played in a couple years!
  15. I played about 10000000000zillion hours of offline came cube too so dont feel bad i also played lots of hours of xbox as well
  16. Yeah I played PSO on GameCube, but only the offline mode.
  17. Umm i dont know actually, my ID is 55153 lol
    Im assuming you played PSO?
  18. Funny coincidence.

    My ID is 30,000-something, but don't the PC/PS2 and 360 servers have separate ID #s?
  19. Lol same exact thing for first three, cept male, of course and M Beast FM

    Whats ur ID number?
  20. F Newman MF
    F Human AF
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