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  1. lol chances are LOW LOWL OW on that even to get one is extremely low

    Yea ive been trying to get a unit as well. Pretty tough to come by ;D
    well il be on Wednesday night ->weekend so il be prepared to run some alpha's i believe i still have your card, and if not i see you all the time. I got around 3k tickets left so i can do a few ;D
  2. Ah ok, I do remember playing with a Tsukasa during MAG. Heh, that was back when my Beast Fortefighter was my main and I believe the only character I had.

    Yeah, I've been on my Beast/CAST lately running Alpha since I'm trying to get two Adahna Units for two ADCs for my GM.

    I already got a Rabol Buti for my FM I wanted from Beta. Mugunburgas would be nice too, but what are the chances of me synthing 6 42%+ ones that I want.
  3. LulZ thankss ;D!

    idn if you remember me but we ran Max Attack G together, i was on were on a fortefighter at the time but i have been seeing you on a cast latley

    Maybe run some Beta?? I have yet to fail a beta ;D a few alpha lags have messed me up but otherwise alpha is a piece of cake...
  4. Happy Birthday!
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