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  1. Hello Selphia,

    I'd like to thank you for putting your efforts into making a JB Bo guide.
    I read the 2 pages made and it's easy to understand the main points for using Jet Boots.

    Your Bo/Fi description interests me as I like Jbs and Twin Daggers, but too lazy to build T-ATK for JBs, while I should use S-ATK for Twin Dagger, in order not to lose Critical Strike and Limit Break.

    I'll be considering using Bo/Fi as I have Light Zyrenheit and a 12* TD Saika Hyouri I can synthezise attribute to 50. I do know that Saika Hyouri's potential boosts critical damage, so I might go for Fi/Bo at the end.

    Anyway, accept my gratitude and keep up the good work.

    Best regards.

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