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  1. ok
  2. Great, I will add you as soon as I get online on PSO2, my ID is LockonStrattos
  3. Hey! just got my connection to pso2 back so feel free to add me ! im in ship 2 and my id is TwicePiecemen
  4. Hey, fine, how about you?
  5. Hey hows it going?
  6. unfortunatly i still cant connect to pso2, At&t still hasen't lifted the isp block.
  7. Nice albums too. By the way, are you able to play pso2? If you can we shouldplay together sometime.
  8. ah nice album! i added a few more myself in my userpage :3
  9. That sucks, and yeah, most SMT are quite cheap on PS store.
  10. psp broke lol
  11. ah ok unfortunatly i have those games on psp, but i think they have em available in psn store so u can play em on ur ps3 for cheap :3
  12. Nice, when you have the time you should play both P2 games, they are excellent.
  13. I havent seen the movie for p3 yet but I played the tar out of p3 fes and p4 the golden. I have p1 and both p2 games but I havent had time to play those yet and I've read the mangas too
  14. Don't worry. Yeah, P3 is one of my favorites SMT games, have you seen the movie?
    And yeah, I saw the album lol
  15. im doing ok sorry late reply, fell asleeep also persona 3 is awesome :3 i have an album for it too lol may add more fanart to it later
  16. Hello, how are you?
  17. Howdy
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