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  1. I couldn't actually do anything in PSO2. I just chatted, basically. It seems like all PSO2 has to offer is grinding for grinding's sake. The combat's fun, which is great. But there's nothing meaningful to do with it. And the incredible ease of killing enemies makes the game much less enjoyable.
    I haven't tried challenge mode yet, so maybe that might be fun.
  2. Very true FFXIV is absolutely beautiful. My sub runs out soon so I may take a break form it and go back to PSO2. I never really got into PSO2 much cause I joined so late. The PC I had at the time it released couldn't handle it so I didn't actually start playing it til about a year or 2 ago, so all my friends who played PSO2 either don't play anymore or are just too far ahead of me..... But yeah once my FFXIV sub runs out I may give it another shot, try out the new Bouncer class and all..... At least until May or so cause want to prepare for Heavensward.
  3. Isn't FFXIV beautiful? It isn't like WoW or the PSOs, where I often go "This is great, but..." Everything looks great, plays great, is organized great... I had so much fun with it.
    I reached the point with all the classes where the only way to advance was a bunch of grinding, so I figured I was done. I got lonely, so I came back to PSO2. FFXIV had some nice people, but everyone seems to know my name here.
  4. Ah. I haven't touched PSO2 in ages..... I've been kind of off and on with FFXIV, mostly off because I don't really have a lot of time to invest in a MMO anymore..... I have been messing around a bit in the Gold Saucer since it came last week.
  5. I just jumped off FFXIV, and got PSO2 set up again. I probably won't stay long, but I'll at least enjoy the new things.
  6. Boo! Haven't been around the site in awhile so checking up on old running buddies. How're things going for you? I hear among the grapevine you're no longer on PSO2 and now on FFXIV?
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