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  1. Hello. Yep, I'm still around lol. I don't check as often as I used to but I do drop by from time to time. XD I haven't been on my Playstation much either. There isn't any games for it that interest me at the time.
  2. Hey hey! Been awhile since I've been to the site lol. Glad to see you're still around, I think I added you to PSN though I haven't played my PS3 or Vita much recently, just got a Wii U so been busy with that whenever life and work aren't keeping me busy.

    Trying to get back on here fairly regularly so I can still keep in touch with everyone, though I think the only one I from the old days I still keep in touch with is Ashley via Facebook and Twitter.
  3. My PSN is Zaracoatl. Add me if you like.
  4. The EGS servers were shutdown but that's mainly cause it wasn't really functional and the guy working on it quit. I think there's 2 more in development (at least 1 is for sure) but I think the project is real hush-hush so as not to get hopes too high.

    What's your PSN btw, of you have one.
  5. I wish PSU had a good offline mode like the older PSO games. Have you found a private server that works with PC PSU? I know someone was making one a few years back but I think their project got canceled. I get an itch to play the PSO games from time to time as well. I like to bring out the old Dreamcast and play old school ver 2 sometimes lol.
  6. Ah good here. Same old really, work and family with whatever gaming I can get on the side..... Mainly been gaming on my Vita lately, jumping between FFX2 and Muramasa Rebirth.... Been jonesing for PSO and PSU lately...... Might join a private server with increased experience rates so I can get into the meat of things, and reinstalled PSU though haven't really started it yet.... Lack of online holding me back but I really want to play it again lol
  7. Hello! I'm doing pretty good. How about you?
  8. Hey there, long time. How're things going with you?
  9. Cool. I'll look you up next time I'm on. My character is Forever Zero.
  10. I am officially on FFXIV! I'll probably play until my free time runs out, can't afford to sub atm. On Balmung server too. Caien Rugria
  11. That's a good deal for the game lol. I play on Balmung server.
  12. So what server you on in FFXIV? I'll probably pick it up this week, the PS3 version goes on sale for $10.
  13. Ah, yeah I enjoyed the beta for that but can't really afford to pay for it at the moment.... Maybe when the PS4 version comes I might give it another shot.
  14. I haven't played PSO2 in a while. The only online game I am playing at the moment is FF XIV.
  15. Good good. The usual stuff, work, spending time with my wife and son, and real life in general. What free time I have is spent playing PS3. You still on PSO2? Been feeling nostalgic for PSU lately, or something Phantasy Star related....
  16. Hey, what's up! I'm doing good. How about you?
  17. Blurp! How're things?
  18. So how else are things? How's life? Been on a big nostalgia kick lately. Been looking back at old pics and videos of PSODC through PSU, and man the memories.... Looked back through the forum archives and seeing a lot of old names. Can't believe it's been 11-12 years already..... All this time and PSOW is the only one of the Big 5 still standing. Anyways, just rambling a bit. Anyways, I'd really like to keep in touch with you, if you have MSN Messenger my SN is [email protected] or if you got a Facebook look for Jeffrey Narvaez.
  19. Agreed, if that happens I might just end up sticking to the JP version (especially since they got the English patch for it, even if it's still not perfect)..... You know.... Once I get a new PC or a Vita so I can actually play the game lol
  20. Hi! Long time lol. I actually haven't played PSO 2 lately. Yeah, the delay sucks. I'm afraid of us being waaaay behind in content when it finally does come out here, lol.
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