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  1. Hey hey! How's it going? You still doing well?
  2. ICE!!!
  3. Heya! I still lurk around the site every now and then. I'm doing good, busy with work and family. I play PSO2 rarely as I mostly game on my Vita and PS3.
  4. Darkyyyyyyyyyyy, you are still alive and well!! Sekai here (f Newman fT) if you still remember me. xD I think we were spamming a lot of Rainbow Beast together!
  5. Heya, yeah I still lurk this site on occasion. Once PSO2 starts hitting shelves or they release more info I might be around more. In the mean time busy with RL and stuff, my Son was just born 2 months ago so its been real fun and what little gaming time I get its mostly on PS3. I'm hoping PSO2 gets a PS3 release cause right now my PC wouldn't be able to handle it and can't afford a new one anytime soon so we'll see. It was nice hearing from you again.
  6. Hey Shadow! It's been ages. I just so happened to see you online and thought I'd drop a visitor message. Remember me or not, it's me, Sekai (f/Newm fT often kicked ass with you on Neudaiz). Yeah I've undergone a few identity changes ever since. Lol I guess I have my circumstances here, heh.

    Coincidently I recently heard about some good news for you from sis Ashley; congratulations on him/her. It's good that you and others are still alive and well. I also see you're up for PSO2. That's great news, too. I hope it's fine for me to expect PSO2 to be the blast of my life online gamewise. I can't wait for it.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi, really. Btw. your birthday's the same as my mom's. XD
  7. Happy belated birthday, ol' mate.
  8. Gintama'd.
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