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  1. Yo pal! How've things been? Haven't been around recently so just checking up on friends.
  2. Well, before PSO2 I was guild master of Valor, one of the oldest guilds on the now shut down Dungeon Fighter Online. Though I've been playing some PSO2, I've been fiddling around in Tera Rising and tried my hand on Vindictus for a bit. Fortunately, a good chunk of my core guildmates and I still talk to each other over my Ventrilo server. If you're interested in my server information, let me know. To be honest though, you could say that I'm a shadow of my former self, now that I have work. Heh. Less time if you know what I mean.
  3. How's it going pal?! You still continuing the Legend on PSO2 nowadays?
  4. Hey there!! Haven't talked to you in a good while. How ya been? Same old stuff going on here, but with Shred the Darkness being announced I may just make a temporary comeback for this event.
  5. I LIVE!!!!!!! How have you been old pal of mine? I saw the info on the new JP PSU patch.....tempts me to go to JP PSU, but sadly PSU is all but dead to me have been looking thru old pics tho.....good times..... And sadly this new patch would take forever to come to US......
  6. Ah I see. SO still going strong on PSU eh? I tried to egt back into it during Neudaiz GBR, but eh it wasn't the same. SO my PSU towel is hung. Been playing WAR now, tho all this PSŲ talk has relit my PSO spark, so been playing that again.
  7. Been busy between work, PSU and Warriors Orochi 2.
  8. Hey there Tigereye, its been awhile. How ya been?
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