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  1. Yeah there are buffs to shifta and deband. 4 to be exact. 2 increase the standard effect, while the 2nd one for shifta increases critical rate up to I think 15%, and the other added set damage reduction on top of regular deband.
  2. I like that idea, the point im running Te is to somewhat shadow what acrotecher in PSU was, and i see the new skills finally added some time to Shifta and Deband, were there buffs to the actualy spells themselves? if you know that is
  3. My plan was maxing out weak stance abilities and then maxing out elemental weak spot on techer, the abusing weakness left and right with techs and weak spots. It's a pretty general plan.

    On terms of equipment and mag builds, my mag currently only has levels in satk, dex, and tatk. reasonabily balanced out. my equipment however all has at least t-atk+30. some have t-atk+40 up there. This is to help braver's lowish t-atk so that weak stance and elemental weak spot skills have a much greater effect on damage output. and then of course, I keep most elemental techs on my sub palette.
  4. Hi! I'm about to begin playing pso2 again and saw you're creating a br/te hybrid, I was just wondering how you plan on playing this class! I'm interested in rerolling a mag if I have to
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