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  1. Yeah that's pretty much default Hunewearl/Ulc. Mine is very slightly darker by just a few pixels on the scale, and on the left edge.

    Was trying to go darker than that without getting a sort of 'dirty-brown' color from salon/lobby lighting, but it's hard to guesstimate what that player did (who is very obviously darker than that, since that is my character's current skin color).
  2. In a color comparison on a drawing, here's what I sampled, and the range that should be.

    Which is really close to the default hunewearl.

  3. Still playing with this. As far as the skin tone I ideally wanted, problem is there's not much of an 'orange' on the skin color slider, y'know?
  4. Fairly close. Still need more comparison photos of alts on a second account to that character. Still trying to get a hold of the person i took a pic of. Their player name is PomBurner.
  5. Hey how close was I with that estimate on skin color?
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