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  1. I'm somewhat doubtful they will announce it soon. Episode 3 doesn't even seem like its finished.
  2. Mhm. That or whatever they plan to announce in the coming months.
  3. Episode 4???
  4. Episode 4. But nothing has happened yet, so I'm going back to my bed. Sleep like a vampire and bite like one, too. o3o
  5. Well hello Sako-chan. What brings you around these parts?
  6. Boo.

  7. Well, looks like I offended you Sako-chan. My mistake. What would it take to make it up to you?
  8. There are much better things in the world to be hype for.

  9. Your avatar just reminded me that Nagisa is coming to PSO2 tomorrow. Now I am hyped.
  10. Mhm, maybe.
  11. Maybe?
  12. Hmm? Whatever you have to offer is fine.... maybe.
  13. Does it have to be my own, or just some that I have in my possession?
  14. Hand over your flesh and a new world awaits you, Stealth-Kun, o3o.
  15. Peek-a-boo
  16. Not entirely sure yet. I have a few ideas.

    Do you have anything in mind?
  17. Happy New Years to you, too, Stealth kun, o3o.

    What's your New Years Resolution?
  18. A little late but Happy New Year!
  19. Not much of a reason other than talking to someone like yourself, and to enjoy your company. How go things?
  20. You have my attention. What brings you into my space, Stealth Kun, o3o?
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