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  1. Thx much migo : )
  2. Happy Birthday Adriano
  3. Happy Birthday Back Adriano! in ADVANCED!! Told you i'll be Prepared!! woohoo!!
    and i memorized your avatar! what happens when members never changed their avatar you get used to it / them.
  4. Thank you Adriano For the Birthday Wishes! Hope all is well! your birthday is comming up now in a month! i'll b prepared to say it!
  5. Felizz aniversario!
  6. Happy Birthday Adriano!
  7. Lol! Thanks ryno! I know you by yours aswell! I was not expecting bithday messages this early/late since I just got off work a few hours ago!

    Thanks again!
  8. Happy Birthday Adriano!

    You're one of the member i memorized with the avatars.
    if somone keeps the same avatar thats how i will remember them.
    like I already know Larian and Milkas Icon because they rarel changes theres. lol
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