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  1. Maybe 1 direction of the many pages of Sayarality,
    but I am a flowing book of different ideas and themes!
  2. There were things that seemed very reminiscent to your style. Red, flickering letters in the background; Red skies with black rain; Eyeballs growing out of flowers. The entire thing reminded me of your work.
  3. Horror things? Ok
  4. The evils of having a big chest
    the hypocricy of having a big chest
    the urge to kill for having a big chest
    the love of having a big chest
    the unfortunates of having a big chest.
  5. when did i hit 9000? weird
  6. Remixed by DJ Command - Mermaid girl-???? MIX- - YouTube

    your song i used before is remixed !
  7. Google it; tis a free program.
    takes about 15-20 minutes to work on a 4-5 minute video. It doesn't however eat ALL resources so you can still browse firefox lightly while it does its business.
  8. From 3gigs to 1gig. So, yeah. Want.

    How long does file converting take? Again, with WMM, it's like 20 minutes (of my computer being so bogged down I can't use it).
  9. What is the file size of your videos?
    The banther one went from 4.5GB to 385MB using the program.
    Does WMM make them about the same or larger?

    It could very well just be your net upload times that stink as well.
  10. That's what I've been doing, .avi to .mp4. So I guess I'd be doing exactly the same thing with this new program, only better.
  11. Ah, what file type does it make your videos? Fraps make them .avi and those are HUGE as heyull. Handbrake turns them into mp4s which are alot more compact.
  12. Bandicam. Everyone was using it, so,
  13. With handbrake I take the video dump it into the program.
    I can cut the start and end times of the video as i need fit. Find a spot for it and hit start. It makes things much easier than with Movie Maker...

    What is your recorder? Fraps?
  14. All I do is push it through Windows Movie Maker to cut out the start and beginning. That takes 20 minutes to convert, then the youtubing takes another two hours.

    So, use this program and my problems will disappear?
  15. When you upload videos to youtube... are you using the direct video from your recording?
    Have you tried a program called "Handbreak?" it takes my 3-4GB files and mashes it down to 300-400MB instead. Makes for decent quality video at a fraction of the size.
  16. I went a different route because discussing tingle's plot without words just doesn't work too well
  17. I can probably bounce online in about two and a half hours if you want to bounce some ideas around.
  18. sounds like a good challenge!
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