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  1. yes, would be nice
  2. Heya Arika saw that you made it into the PSO2 alpha! Hope we can get some runs in!
  3. you already get invited
  4. It still says I need to be accepted into the group! Thanks for the help though Arika!
  5. It is alright, feel free to use group to arrange any meeting if u want.
  6. Hiya Arika . Nice to see you're on psp2 also! Sorry for the slow response! I can use internet multimode. I'm not sure how to meet up with you though, as I'm not familiar with the multimode menus yet.
  7. Hello there, I see your request to join PSPo2 online community. so I just want to check the requirement.

    you can play this game online right? (not CFW users that only play offline)
    mind to meet online?
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