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  1. Check your pm's bish
  2. (oo
  3. catsurp my pawen is too fatten
  4. ;wtyyy/gun show your hands
  5. So Dori hidin in PSOW,. ;wtyyy
  6. Tera smerrs, get wit PSO2
  7. catsurp

  8. nikki gonna suc.... nvm w2
  9. dat long shart aint nevah comin out
  10. Well well well, if it isn't the chiggen's wrinkled up banana butt crsh.
  11. Well well well, look who decided to poop their head in.
  12. <.<; >.>;
  13. ;killu(FU)
  14. GASP11
  15. Aww fk naw how u just gon' do ya boi like dat.
  16. Wow, for that, no cake for your fat ass. nop
  17. Fk ur bday it sux

    share cake dammit
  18. wow fk ur pofile msgs
    you can never dirty my profile enough to leave it this....well.. just look atound.
  19. Wow, almost 11,000 stalkers. You're too obvious.
  20. Wow how dare you
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