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  1. Hiya!
  2. *Looks around*
  4. HELLO!
  5. O well geuss your not there after all............
  6. Hellooooooooooooooo........
  7. trick or treat smell my feet! gib me somethin good to eat!
  8. *Looks again*
  9. *Looks around*
  10. Ok im on now, my id is lingshu1. When you get on message me on here ill check every hour ok......()
  11. It's ok i played with Listy and he was from Cali and we somehow played all the time xD
  12. O i see im in cali so yeah.......................
  13. It's difficult to get in touch with you on here. I live on the east coast is maybe why
  14. Ok ill see you this sunday then? Im going to get on now if you want to come pm me now............
  15. I work from 3 pm -11pm Wednesday-Sunday so i play before 3 and after 11 and i'm off Monday and Tuesday
  16. Just tell me what times u like to play
  17. Sure, always looking for new people to play with and the one i played with all the time kinda quit so yeah... been a little depressed bc of it : /
  18. Yes i do. wanna play?
  19. Hello, I'm just wondering if you play Infinity?
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