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    It's just easier to manage one character doing all classes than handling multiple characters, with multiple characters there were cases where I had to level up the same class multiple times (for example, having to level up hunter multiple times to use it as subclass for some chars).
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    Not bad. How about you?
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    Hello! I am doing alright.
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    Hello, just fine over here.
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    Oh! Thank you very much ^_^
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  8. Thanks!
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    That sounds like a lot to deal with! The games and reading are more fun/optional things though, right? I hope you're able to get it all done. Good luck!
  10. Um..... Well I'm waiting for all of my cousins to go to sleep so i can play Xenoverse. Then there's. the fact that i have a lot of reading to do which includes 5 books (The lunar chronicles) 3 graphic novels. (Scott Pilgrim) and mangas (AOT) Not only that i need to watch Lady Macbeth (It's a metaphorical title to describe the protagonist named Katherine Someone Who (i guess) lived circa 1865, i say that because it could be based on a book.) Not to mention i still need to find a solution to the bigger problems to put it simply, I'm fine.....And not fine at the same time. Too many Negative things going on.
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    It's no trouble, though. I'm doing pretty well! Just enjoying my weekend, watching some videos and working on my fanfic. I got most of my chores out of the way already. Just a bit of cleaning left to do. Other than that, I can relax until Monday. How about you?
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    Well hello to you too!
  13. lololol. I see.
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    There have been plenty of plot points. Relationships, deaths, villains, you name it. It's a story about my PSO2 characters and their adventures, so a lot has happened in 4.5 years of writing!
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    Thanks for saying so! Do you like reading and/or writing stories?

    Hmm, tipping points? One of the chapters in my last story was called "Tipping Point," so yeah, I would say so!
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    Well, I've been at it for four and a half years so far. Finished two stories and just started a third, so I'd say it's going pretty well!
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    In the Fan Works section? Yeah, I've been at it for a long time now. I think I'm addicted at this point. xD
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I'm kinda new to this series. Any help would be welcome. In the meantime. i hope we can all get along and I'll try to help others in the future.

Also for those who.has helped me and have been good friends... Thank you i know it's emo and cringy yes..... But i guess i wanted to put it out there.
Detroit, Mi, NA.
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