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  1. The kids, doing it right. In the news Chinese Twin Bros. in arms, and these only 21 yrs old youtube dudes, making the Drum n Bass mastermixes:

    YouTube - SSFIV Yang Concept (Crowded Street Smooth DnB RMX)

    Though the simply Yun one is funkier, I'd say:

    YouTube - SSFIV Yun Concept (Crowded Street Hong Kong RMX)

    More pronounced drums too. Deep bass.
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    Dat Palle
  4. Stupid dope mixes, can never have enough.
  5. Music choice Kalifornia Music Channel around here, your pick:

    Alec Empire - Low on Ice

    Provided bleak soundtrack to a quick Cinema project about the homeless experience. Thanks for sharing that one around here.


    Also check this out for that SHMUP goodness:

    Track 3 featured in that -made by the (booty whuppin) bassist- Guile shuffle combo vidjya:

    YouTube - SSFIV: CMV No. 5
  6. There were some at the Japanimu convention. Got to mess around with it a second, until: "Excuse me not to be a dick but you guys can't be back behind this table, in front of all our gear lying on the floor" - waiting to be touched.

    Sanwa official with green ball top, was nice man. Grab out for parts later if DC never to play again.
  7. Late but detailed look at the contents and what you're getting, if you're still on the way to getting one of them:

  8. Sweet.

    Good eats and good day! Enjoy.

    There definitely are the sushi bar types for microbrews and order a la carte and more sit down restaurants.

    And saw one Japanese guy escorting 3 blonde hair white women, taller than him, into the wallet size picture place.

    Pops going to get pulled into that one?! Try not to! Like my grade school PC basics teacher in 9th grade, chillin out the front of the Body Works lotion store in the mall. Gave me the nod when I took whiplash look to him noticing him there, head nod back.

    Mom takes me into that place sometimes if she wants something for a gift I can pay for nowadays. ;o The one thing I ever liked in there, they don't even have anymore. Pineapple hand soap.
  9. Inbetween a lot of weekend chores I watched what I could since, John Carpenter's They Live with Rowdy Roddy Piper was on. And that long tenured black actor with the good voice who's even in the latest Mass Effect, Shepard's govt. friend on the council or something.

    Drags a little, didn't see how and why the glasses work, or where he got them sadly, but after a tense lots of action in the offices closing of the movie, classic cheezeball ending there.

    "Hey, what's wrong baby?!"

    Good on ya J.Carpenter.
  10. Ohsnap. That's old school. AGETEC I think is the official one. With the orange buttons and splayed ergonomic layout. Not a straight 6 button.

    but if you can't do that way, try to look up the techie guys with their makeshift ones - or maybe find one being sold on the MegEvilBAY with too many fees. Since the Dreamcast Marvel vs Capcom 2 players were many in number only a year or two ago.
  11. Dinosaurs and Cadillacs, a super cult hit - possibly up to par with Turtles in Time is also suprisingly missing. But I could sorta know why our Major Kurosawa/Predator Hunter/Warrior/one Arnold megabuster arm guy are missing from AvP 1992 arcade monster of a game. Arcade Flyers dot com has some great art assets themselves on that one, EU JP stylings a better round of them of course as usual.

    Also thanks for video compliment. I was thinking I'm doing too much talking to myself and promotion-narcissim such, not getting replies but stares and maybe smiles, but I can't see them. Stares around Japan Town, I smile and wave as to not freak them out and also my peace of mind.
  12. Sonic says both don't do drugs and don't drink. And I guess I gotta learn don't be scared of "vocaloid" masked girls who aren't suke-ban, Rival Schools Zaki, chain gang Kunoichi-female ninjas. Or go thru anyway to conquer Japan Townz to Yuzo Koshiro street beats, rapped with dude on BART(man) about the MJ's on my feets.

    Capcom store made a Cafepress/Threadless kinda deal, with the return of Shoma/Batsu/America singlet stars on the brassiere chick, and etc. on junks and even skateboards. But that's too much bling, even if Yun Chinese young master was on there.

    Better to just take their gigantic work legacy assets and make yourself a one-of-one custom moon robo.
  13. Frank Sinatra, Sammie Davis OG's, none of this Clooney Balogna. Though Clooney is far cooler than the latest Family Guy/American Dad/Simpsons triumvirate had made him look.

    Always a fall back on Bethesda promise of further DLC, which then people expect, but not particulary 100% QA bug free on launch. As if they didn't want people to rush too far in when they put the files up on the marketplace. Live Beta bug report forum calm before the storm, then the Zerg rush to red alert the devs.
  14. That Trailer ending DeNiro Casino hot plate saved him style, copied by Nasty Nas for his music video once.

    Fallout and even that Beyond Good and Evil old teaser are using the desert setting better/more than Resident Evil saying it would and what Dead Rising 2:Vegas Zomboogaloo is shaping up to be.
  15. That gloved pole has dignity.

    *Dudley tea sip*
  16. hm, bbs?
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    hi there O:
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    hi yorue cool. cool guuy
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    Ha, thanks! But hey, I have yet to go shirtless... besides, the lesson is never over.
    So long as you can breath, there will be something to learn ;3
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