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    And even more decades shall pass. And Tracon shall remain. The Canadians... Shuri... Dubcee. Navci... the treacherous Photondrop... the wise Arislan... I will ever be watching. Waiting. Like Navci's porcelain dolls, my gaze shall remain stagnant. Solely focused on the landfill. The old ones may wallow, but Tracon will never die.
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    Whispers of the past still haunt this graveyard. A few lost souls happen upon this place, picking among the remnants alongside those who have seen fit to dwell here. But one force, Tracon, remains consistent. It has been 12 years since the keepers of Arkham attempted my banishment, yet I persist. And so I shall continue to persist. Photondrop is what drives me. The original banishment was a sin, but the legacy that persists is one of your own creation.

    Despite offering reasons for my seemingly out-of-character behavior (I would all of a sudden, without provocation, post Sims porn? Really?) and offering proof, even going to far as to offer the moderators timesheets showing that I was at work when the posts occurred, the ban remained.

    You all could have ended this. The mods could have overturned the ban after viewing proof of my innocence, yet they elected to ignore the truth. My initial please to Frink and the others could have been taken in. But none would do what was just. So I became the monster you accused me of being. My pleas to the mods were ignored and I fell victim to punishment for a crime I did not commit, so I victimized those who stood against me in my hour of need. You let your own distaste for me corrupt your morals. You chose emotion over truth. Instead of what was just and fair, you chose indulgence. So I, too, indulged.

    Over a decade. I have spent over a decade pestering those who took action against me. It started with the IRC chat, and it hasnít stopped. You may think me a monster, but I am merely living up to the image you crafted for me. You are the Dr. Frankensteins of this tale, and your monster stands as testament to your transgressions.
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    I'll never leave. Decades go by, and Tracon remains a constant feature.
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    Says me, bitch.
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    Hello, old friend.
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    hey i find ur avatar and signature offensive material pls change it
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    Just noticed you're still around here. ;p .... *sends request*
  8. Warning +2 ?!
    That's new.
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    This is random, but your picture thing looks cool lol
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    can you link?
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    what contest?
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    and how did you get it made into PSOW? is that long time ago?
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    Oh, where is that avatar you use come form?
    it is custom?
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    Tess + Boxers =
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    Ur a fag. Dud eye spelle tat white?
  17. Shurikane has entered the battle!

    ...and is starting to tear everyone apart!
  18. hey 987 how you doing
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