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    Well, I can't see you taking long to cap XP

    That, and if Aya is with me getting pics, she's not in danger from Rain /me approves of Aya
  2. Lol whut.Hmm maybe pics after I cap her idk.
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    o hay :3

    Gib Aya plz asdhjhkl
  4. Lols up to you rly.And yeah clone XP
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    I was gonna add last night's pics to the album here, but I think I'll keep them on Photobucket instead >_>

    Also wtf @ Screenshot Thread and Touka clone
  6. Lul.Well I should check them out then
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    ya rly, quite a lot more got added : o
  8. Wut new avatar?
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    ongyey Shino avatar :>

    ...gib Sange & Yasha :<
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    I just pulled out a 46% Ground Zagza o_O

    Clearly someone approves of my Newman trying to melee Shame I can't use a Ground Axe much in MAG though

    Also, Barec worked (well, it was 100% >_>). Suits Neith a lot more than I thought it would, it's perfect on her.

    For some lulz, I pulled a 42% Daiga too. Again.
  11. Ah yeah Mimic is kind of hard to get,mine is sitting in my room though lul.And lol Tear of Light.
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    Well, I got my Mirei Portrait today while running through Story. If you do want a Mikunas Set (whenever the hell we get The Clothier), it's not hard to get. Just S-Rank the trial in the second part of 'Will of Light' in B or A rank. I did it fine with Terra, so for you it should be cake.

    Bought a Mimic Doll though, I have no luck at getting them from synths. All I need now is the Tear of Light, but I haven't seen any drop in Hakura for ages..(and I'm not paying 150k for one)
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    Yeah :3 Thanks again for letting me play last night. Touka with Chuei= teh secks lulz
  14. Lul well at least ur back on now
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    Hey- billing server is fixed, but:

    This is affecting me at the moment, since my subscription is meant to renew tomorrow. So uh...I won't be online when you wake up, at least not on PSU anyway :/ According to what Edward posted in that link though, I should be able to get online again tomorrow (for me). Subscription doesn't renew until midnight for me, so yeah..
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    Yeah, I'm calling h4x on anyone with a Repca- it doesn't exist yet, I'm sure of it

    Also, if Rain stalks Aya, can I get dibs on Touka? D: lulz
  17. Uri:Wow that's a lot of runs and still no Repca,I swear someone rigged the game so you can't get it :/

    Rain:Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,don't stalk my poor techer D:
  18. Aya better watch out. I stalk hot Newmans... It's too late for Rain... :l
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    Time for something depressing. I just rounded up my runs in Hive, and figure I've done around 400 runs, according to what I've logged (might be out by a couple of runs.). I knew I'd found a lot, but not THIS much.

    [B] Crimson: 4
    [B] Viper: 8
    [B] Gizaha-zashi: 5
    [B] Gudda Skela: 1
    [B] Gaozoran Rod: 1
    Gaozoran Rod (Material): 7
    [B] Carriguiruc: 1
    [B] Ank Dedda: 0
    [B] Blackheart: 4
    [B] Ank Zagza: 7
    [B] Cubo Tuma: 8
    [B] Tesbra: 6
    [B] Dulk-senba: 6
    Poison / Resist: 17
    Dulk Fakis Cor: 25
    Agito Edge: 17
    [B] Agito Repca: 0

    42 monsters per solo run (ive killed more because of 3-person runs and DS/SEED Awakened runs), and 402 runs= 16,884 monsters killed.

    Kinda depressing that after all that I still don't have what I set out to find Somebody restrain me, before I start running TD S2 in my sleep. In fact, I'd be tempted to say that I might've run Hive more than anyone else on PC/PS2 now >_>

    I sense epic fail
  20. At this point they could say someone stubbed their toe and they can't update >:/
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