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    WAIT A MINUTE!!! WHO DO I SEE BACK ONLINE???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????/
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    Deja do you have FB? since we both love in Jax/OP/Duval/Clay county
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    merry christmas!
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    Deja, Deja, Deja. You gave up on the PSzero as well...I did the same. I do regret erasing all the shortcuts when I brought my copy of it to Gamestop.
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    Unfortunately I would never be able to make it for that time during the week, but the weekend I'm available to play. Are you free during that time?
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    Hey there, its been awhile how're things going?

    So PSU is finally on its final legs. Like I always said I would, I made my comeback to witness these last 2 months. While its sad to see this game go, it was a long time coming. With this I finally hang my PSU hat, no JP PSU for me, I just can't invest time or money in it, and I've lost interest in it.

    Dunno if you'll be coming back for the last days yourself, if you do I hope to see you around. I look forward for the next online PS installment(US PSP2, or next gen console version) and if they're online, then I hope to maybe see you there one day.
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    My Wii friend code: 8042 6474 5835 6835. Let me know if you get Wiispeak or if you want to play some other games as well. Peace! \m/
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    Hey there. I saw your post about late night Eastern time online play. Coincidentally that's when I play this game the most, so I've added you. FC: 2794-0783-8350.

    Looking forward to not having to rely on Free Play at 2:00 am. :P
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    Added ya, i'm Firartix, and here's my FC : 2794-0703-7405
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    Cool, added you.
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    Nope not on PSZ. No DS and no Wi-fi. Still on the stone age dial-up
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    Yeah I hear ya, if I had a DS I'd definitely try out PS0, it looks pretty cool. lol

    I haven't played PSU in months now, I miss it at times but I don't feel it's worth going back to. :/
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    Nah don't have a DS to play it.
    Been pretty good, been playing WoW and PSOBB on that one server. lol

    How you been mang? Haven't seen ya in a while. ;o
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    Yep still kickin it in PSU. Red quit a couple days ago which sucks. Said he'll be back for the supplemental update. Awesome ur coming back for a while. Mail me when ya get online.
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    Hey dood, nice to hear from you again.
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    I also plan to get on Monster Hunter 3 (for the wii) once that comes over here. It was just released today in Japan, but its looking like early 2010 for the US.
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    However, I have just started a new free MMO called "Perfect World".
    Its a point-n-clicker so its not quite as entertaining as using a controller (like in PSU), but its character creation detail is some of the most in-depth I have ever seen in ANY MMO. The fact that its free and doesn't have a major game breaking error EVERY TIME THERE IS AN EVENT GOING ON also helps.
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Player Info
PSU Characters:
PSP2 Character: Deja - Level 20 Ranger

Send a PM if you want to play!
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Sylphid - Racast
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