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    miss u old friend
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    Eclipse5632, Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
  5. Oh hey, I got the book the Foundation by Asimov. Hooray for Ebooks~ XD I'll read it when I go to the beach tomorrows! : D
  6. It was your bday.. HAPPY MEGA BELATED BDAY!!
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    :O Happy Belated Birthday!
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    Heyo Eclipse, happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday Eclipse.
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    Bleh, I meant to say that I visited your room to use that Good Job Counter to earn FUN points.

    Strangely, however, every time I've sent a good job to someone, I either get like about 16 FUN points, or none at all. I sort of don't get it. On the last time I've quested with you and company and sent out those "good jobs," I got like 12 from you, 16 from Mimosa (I think that's the correct spelling), but 0 from Elto. And most of the time, I only get some FUN points from 3/5 of the requirements (whatever they are), and none from the rest.
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    If my katakana reading is correct, you can send those "Good jobs" (I think they're called) to it, and sometimes, you get FUN points (Hence, it's called a Good Job Counter). Whether or not you get awarded any FUN points, the computer dances around and it's eyes turn all happy and whatnot.

    And yes, I constantly visited your room, just so I could try and get FUN points. FUN points are kind of difficult to get, IMO. But then again, it doesn't help that I constantly forget to send those "Good jobs" to other players after a quest.
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    (Some screenshot)

    Nice computer. =P
  14. Hi Eryth. = D
  15. I see. Yeah, it sucks getting demotivated. Gotta find a way to keep going D:
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    Yes, you can PM the higher-up moderators (i.e. Ryna or Dhylec) to ask to change your username. I thought it was weird to keep my username as "Ken-chan" if I kept using a RAcast avatar, and since everyone refers to me as "Ken," I changed it to "Ken & Robo."

    As for me, trying to stay motivated to deal with the leftover schoolwork of my second term (exams are in at least one more week before my next two-week break) while dying for new and exciting things to happen. At the same time, I finally got the motivation to keep up with Gundam AGE. Throughout most of the month, I've been going through this "demotivation" crisis where I don't feel like doing anything.

    I mainly use MSN, which I'm online on pretty much all day whenever I'm home. If you want, I could PM you my email address sometime later.
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    Hey, Eclipse. How are things with you lately? We haven't talked in a while.

    Also, yeah, I changed my username. =P
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    Yay~!! PSO2 avatars!! \o/ *Switches to PSO2 RAcast avatar*

    *10 seconds after, switches back to old PSZ RAcast avatar*

    On second thought, I like my PSZ RAcast avatar more. I've grown too used to it, and I like looking like a GM. =P
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    Yeah, it seems to be a fan-service thing, based on the snapshots I've seen. I wonder if they are fairly useful. =P

    Also, thanks for the comment. :3
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    Is that a bad thing...? =P

    Turns into a loli and it fights along with you...? Interesting how that works, though I wonder if it's tedious to raise them, so they can finally assist you in battle.

    ...I also find it funny that I can't help but think that this must be also a fan-service thing, since, well, as you said, they turn into lolis. (Hoping to not sound like a pervert by accident) :V

    EDIT: And if it interests you, I've uploaded a silly drawing I recently made in my album, if you want to check it out. =/
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PS Zero Characters:
First cartridge (US): 4855 6582 7740
Xanto: Level 100 HUcast
Cael: Level 9x FOnewm
Holly: Level 7x RAmarl

Second cartridge (JP): 4428 5420 9674
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