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    I can get to ship select now bt says unknown ..ive done it always the same but this time patches wouldn't laptop runs 64bit anyways so I don't understand how it went to a 32 bit how I fix or are the servers down?
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    sorry to bother u but I started a thread in pso2 section but my files wont extract and even try to log in jp I get 230 error plz help..
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    Hey sorry to bother you AIDA, I know you are very busy and you must get like a 100 messages! First I want to say thank you for making the Tweaker! Secondly I want to say thank you for taking the time to help everyone who has questions/issues I really appreciate it! Now here is my problem...
    I can play PSO2 on my laptop that has windows 7. But for some reason on Windows 8 on my desktop (Which is stronger than my laptop in graphics, ram, processor etc.) I cannot seem to load
    the game. On my desktop I get a black screen and the windows loading ring but it never disappears. I was wondering if you heard of this issue before? Anyway I will continue to troubleshoot this on my end but your input will be greatly appreciated. If I find a solution I will post it later, thanks again for all that you have done!
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    for tweaker version later, can you add a new menu to select the folder that is used to backup the original files before install / update EN patch.
    thank you in advance.
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    Hey, I've got bugged tweaker mechanics, I can't do anything, think you could help me out?
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    sorry for pestering you but can you please tell me how to fix this? >.<
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    can you please check out my thread ?
    i will really appreciate your help and thanks in advance
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    okay, i have fix that problem with manual patch (Story,ENpatch, large files). But this is seriously problem, im stuck on loading after choose character. T_T
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    i have playing pso2 about 1 week, but the last update i have the trouble. 1st about that pastebin, and then its always error to checking for update EN patch, so i use my last pso2 update. when i launch the pso2 it just appear the opening video , and then its going blank
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    sure, and i cant checking for update. it always error
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    wow, thank you so much!!
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    i got many pastebin , and this is the one last of them , please help me. . .
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    hi. question - i have a friend who wants to join but cant access the website itself (but can still ping the actual game servers). so can the pso2 tweaker install the game from scratch? or does it only update the game. thanks!
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    Hi Aida! Sorry to bother you but I seem to be having issues connecting after the patch with Pingzapper. when I go to type in my password after restarting tunnel and turning pingzapper off it tries to authenticate for a couple of seconds but then says "Server connection timed out." I tried looking it up before asking you and it seems this happens a lot. I tried restarting my PC like others have but it didn't work for me. Was just wondering if you knew of a definite fix for this and thanks for your time
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    B-But... I'm already flying.
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    Aida, i'm grateful for your efforts on story patch but please, spend some time fixing simple typos and unconsistent situation as Regius/Leggias and Rera/Lera appear in same phrase
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    Yep; thanks, going to try out AWS method. A by the way, your Tweaker is awesome Huge upgrade from me trying to do everything manually
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    Not really intending to intrude on your wall with help spam, but could you at least say if US is getting IP blocked in certain areas? This error 249 is really getting in the way for me when I just want to play this game again after my last playtime from 3 years ago
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    Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. I just started playing PSO again and within the first hour i had so much nostalgia from 3 years ago that I almost teared up. PLEASE keep up the awesome work and I hope to see you in game after I learn the ropes. Again, thank you. You have no idea how happy i am to be playing again
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    AIDA I have been around since 2006 and I just wanted to thank ya for all the work ya do :P
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