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    Happy birthday, AIDA!
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    Thanks AIDA for all your hard work, really appreciate your time and dedication.
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    Please consider translating more items... For example, trying to understand what items received from FUN scratch do is an absolute nightmare!
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    I actually have the same problem as Soecter there. I even made a new charater and a new account, but it seems that we start out Gmuted? Char:Graphite Punk
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    You made my day AIDA! Please continue your awesome work
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    Hi I was sending a message to ask why I was Gmuted? Username is specter95. I have seen a thread of someone causing trouble in gchat and can understand why he was muted for it. but I never use it unless I have any serious questions (still learning things here and there about pso2). I just wanted to find out why tweaker kept deleting itself after launching pso2 but was greeted with the message of being muted.
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    Good work Aida '-'v
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    you should be GM in PSO2
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    Hey, no matter what happens... don't kill yourself.
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    Can I post a mushy message? ・∀・
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    Can I post a mushy message? :u
    Truly appreciate your work for us and how you picked up the slack where you really didn't have to. Just thought I'd send some good wishes because I'm sure you deal with a lot of impatience.
    I appreciate you basically "localizing" this game for us. Would not have played this for 3 years had it not been for you. Thanks.
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    Dat haro icon... Did i mention i like you a lot for that :3?
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    Thanks for the Plugin system !!!
    That makes Damage Parser available
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    Hi I recently came back to PSO2 again and whenever I open the PSO Tweaker I get this error

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    Hey AIDA. I was wondering if there was a workaround for the item patch failing to download. My buddy has restarted his comp as it suggested to no avail.
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    I recently purchased some WM Codes form Arks Layer and got some questions about the service (and my purchase tbh). I've tried to contact you ingame, but yeah, different time zones and so on. Please let me know of another way to contact you or respond to this message on PSOW. Thanks!
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    Hey Sexy! Did you know you rock? Of course you do. Can't thank enough for you work at the PSO2 comunity. Thanks for beign awesome (been missing for 1 hole year and you are still awesome). HOw about we make you president of SoA?
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    Hello Aida, AKA Director of the mighty Universe. I need your help. I've just download the game and i was about to have a blast like: "OMG OMG OMG PSO!!!!!!" but not so long after, i start the tutorial and bang... mostly in JP. So I say to myself i'll try to find the info on the need maybe it's a bug. I continue into the chapter 0 and bang, in the middle of the story plenty of JP stuff appear again. Sometime the story is in english and sometime not. So it's VERY hard to play the game in that situation. I have no anti-virus and had no trouble to download the patch. If you could give me an idea i was writing a topic about it but the only solution someone offer me was to unpatch "like i did" to see if the problem still happening and saddly, it is. If you could bring me some light master of the universe i'll be very please !
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    Hey Aida can you help me with my tweaker problem?
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    Good morning Aida - I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I was having issues downloading the English story patches/large patch as I was getting the error message "The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform" when I tried these options from Tweaker.

    Turns out the fix for me (I use BitDefender as my AV) was to add the following URL to the Whitelist of my Web Protection section of BD: "".

    After that I just deleted the unrar.exe and 7za.exe files from my tweaker folder and re-launched tweaker as Admin. The files downloaded no problem this time and when I ran the English Patch and English Story patch it launched cmd which began downloading the necessary files.

    Just FYI in-case it helps anyone else. Thanks for all you've done Aida! I was going to post this as a reply but it would not let me since there were links within the message.
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