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    *cough* Sorry about the caps. I just love the game. XD
    Can't wait for Tri to come out!~
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    Lol I got final fantasy tactics war of the lions instead of dissidia, if dissidia has online play I'll definately get it. I own monster hunter portable 2g or monster hunter freedom unite, its awesome, UI'm only 300 horus into it and I'm still not even halfway complete, I've only been doing the guild quests and occasionally the alder quests. I styill ahve yet to complete training school which i found out is one of the best thigns you could do for your game.
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    well apparently the walmart I work in doesn't plan on carrying PS:P so after a month of work, I've saved up enough for my and my entourage to go and game splurge xD.
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    very true. I usually mix game hunting in whn its time to do big buying.
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    You know... IDK why i never thought of that. Thats actually a smart one, I'll remember that for future reference, although most stores, like the ones that do sell games are like, IDK what we get, we get whatever they send us, and its like wait you call yourself a hom electronics worker and your not sure on what products you do and don't recieve?
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    lol. Crisis core was... and still is hard for me. in fact it was everywhere until I moved and got a PSP from my stepdad when I returned to Iowa. Now CC is no where. Thats why I found internet shoppin is much more reliable than buying from the stores, yeah theres a week maybe 2 waiting period BUT in the end its mre reliabl than hoping the local shopping centers near you release them.
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    well its not really an online game, its more ad-hoc with some programs or devices that allow you to use an ad-hoc connection over the internet. But there isn't really an online for PS:P... which ucks, maybe they'll make a version 2.0 and allow it or something... hopefully.
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    yeah i've run into Ascalons on myother characters, which had different classes, wait what level are you doing this in? I agree though, btu this IS the demo I'm playin so sabers seem to have a limited skills right now, but i bet they will have more in the full version. I also hope they have a wider clothes assortment in the full version xD
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    I completely understand what your saying, right now I'm working on all of my favorite weapons, and at the sae time trying to collect more, especially and Ascalon, a two-handed big sword. but have had bad luck. I've gtten all of my techs to max levbel in demo, but now its the guns that I'm having trouble with xD. So whats your class? I'm currently a Hunter.
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    anytime. I think CASTS are cool. I used to play as one back in the days of PSO, I fll out when cheaters and hackers destroyed it... then again I fell out when my litter of puppis shredded the game disc xD. But I herd about PSU it looked fun back in 05, but didn't get it as my comp seemd slow. Now days I want to play PSU and I plan to when they get the whole Xbox360 red eye problem figured out, and hope to be online again. When I saw the demo for PSP wen I got my pp and used the store, I instantl;y downloaded it. I found out about beasts an now they aremy favorite race. But its cool as I've alway liked Beast-men races. How bout you?
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    I assume your a fellow CAST player? welcome to PSOW
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    Welcome to PSO-World!
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