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  1. You're Welcome.
    In a year, I would have completed 20 years on guitar.

    I majored in music and comps, but I also have an interest in a lot of things. Violin is a good instrument. Where you good at it?
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    Thanks for the compliments when I posted the "Sonico tribute" pics in the Fashion Thread. It really means a lot! I just saw your reply and figured it was a bit too late to reply in the thread at this point, but just wanted to say thanks!

    And I never would have thought you play guitar! How long has it been? Always wanted to but my parents had me play the violin when I was a kid, heh (still have it too). Guitar and Piano were the two I REALLY wanted to try..
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    Black hole sun. Won't you come?
  4. yeah thats me..
    Wall of Text.. Or just another black hole...
    you pick... ^_^

    Someone has to be the Antagonist of reason in a world where everyone views themselves as the protagonist!! ^_^
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    From PSU...

    I see you're still posting walls of text everywhere!
  6. Oh Hi ^_^.
    I like the name...

    Do I know you? Or am I getting distracted by the super-cute avatar?
    You sound familiar in some way...
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    Nice page you got here.
  8. I replied to your PM in a long matter. I meant well in it. Thank you for the PM, I enjoyed it.
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    Well this is a visitor wall so I figured I'd leave some words that were calm and offering some advice: don't feed trolls and remember to take other people into consideration. I don't need a PM to do that unless I really wanted to get to know you and consider you a friend. I don't see anything particularly accusing in my messages but you appear to have gotten worked up again and have proceeded to point fingers at me. You are being very defensive against someone that hasn't been mean to you. You can respond and give me some more aggressive and accusatory remarks if that makes you feel better though.
  10. If you wanted to be nice...

    You would have started with internet etiquette and sent me a private message and not write to me publicly. For someone who talks about internet empathy, you certainly lack it. If you wanted to talk about video games or shoot the breeze, then you should have said so! So who is being complex here again? Who was the one who spoke about expectations on research as a doctorate-candidate in an online gaming forum and was completely wrong about it? You were! Who was the one who failed to grasp basic social-concepts and passed them off as complex? You were! ..and who decided to theory-craft real world experience in the presence of someone who has far too much of it? You were!

    If you wanted to be nice, you would have been nice.
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    Lol I can see my words fell on deaf ears. And I just said the abuse was not fair. You keep trying to explain your stuff away by using complex concepts when I can tell you lack a little bit of Internet empathy. When you conduct interviews, I'm sure you've asked the person if they're ok with going along with the charade. I know I sure wouldn't talk to some random guy on the street that walked up wanting to ask questions. I want to know what they want and what's the catch. I tried to be nice to someone that plain as day said they were crying but you appear to be shooing me away so I won't waste much more words. I honestly couldn't care less about you or anyone else if they treat me like that, but I feel a little bit of empathy and the ability to see both sides would do you well to learn so that you can stop this silliness and talk about some vidya games.
  12. You are saying the abuse against me is fair by attempting to shove opinions and beliefs down my throat on the matter that are not even COMMUNITY-LEVEL LAW or IN-GAME LAW. I do not need to ask a random pug MPA anything before proceeding, just like 99.9% of people in this game are not going to ask a RANDOM MPA. So why apply a rule to me that does not apply to anyone else?

    You are extremely wrong about how doctorate-level research actually works. I only need to ask the permission of an authority within the campus to begin research and any authority located off-campus to gain access to doing research. This means if you own a factory of 1,000 workers, I don't need to get their permission, only yours to use your factory as part of research. This only goes for interviews, photographs and data obtained within the factory, however everything else is subjected to MLA or APA guidelines.

    Also, my real life is not so great...
    Its actually quite hard and quite harsh
    Make no mistake, I fought for practically everything I have.

    I will not become a loser, so that everyone can be a winner.
    Because to a cruel winner, everyone else is a loser...

    I advise you to stop trying to score points with the people who are popular and in, and look for answers within yourself.
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    I'm not saying all the abuse against you is fair, but by you continuing to respond is only making you dig your grave deeper. You keep coming up with excuse after excuse for simple things. It makes you look wishy washy. You rant about how great your real life is as a passive aggressive way to shut people up. It all blows up in your face. I dunno what you're going through, but you must know the number 1 rule of the internet: never feed the trolls. Just ignore it and move on. As a doctorate candidate I'm sure you must know that even with research you need to get the consent of everyone present before you proceed. Remember to ask the MPA as a courtesy before you do whatever it is you're doing, because as much as you probably don't want to hear it, your actions will also affect their run for better or worse.
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    Ah, I didn't notice lol. Did you have fun?
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    Hey there Keilyn!
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    Ok cool, so it's a possible play style to be the knight in chess and hit them where it hurts.

    Sounds about right though I don't know how linguistics ended up in the list. I worried less about classification and such and tried removing as many biases about separating fields of study as I can. Accurate information is connected and can lead to a better understanding of things in other fields. That automatic separation people do often times makes it where people don't make those connections.
  17. (Reply on Thoughts)
    It is possible, but it requires three elements:
    1) Getting behind enemy lines to reach the target
    2) Destroying the target without dying (unless its a sacrifice play)
    3) Being able to survive long enough to get back to the comfort zone of the group.

    Lots of chaos exists in large scale PvP games. Its not so orderly unless there are trained groups there. Plenty of chances to strike down players behind the line without needing insane amounts of skills.

    Example of Insane amounts of skill was long ago when I used to play a lot of Guild Wars 2 in Havok Squads before WvW Ranks were made, I would run groups that would roam around in World vs World as Five - Twelve man groups. We would travel around for maybe 4 hours or even more without being killed or wiping, but we would be responsible for flipping camps, capturing towers.... raiding keeps...and destroying enemy havok squads.

    (Reply) You seem to be speaking about Metacognition. Metacognition combined with formal Linguistics, Special Education, and some Psychology and one goes very far. This was my concentration in Education. I finished with all the classwork and though certified in several areas, I am working on Licensure and Practicum Studies for my Masters Degree.
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    (Reply) some specific areas of psychology and some fields that aren't exactly classified. I like working on improving what you can do with the brain and mind, I've learned ways to improve thought, give extra functions or automatic programs to the brain, fix multiple mental disorders, and some other things along those lines.

    Yay I'm not measurably retarded! lol it's nice to have a chance to talk to someone who's civil and intelligent.
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    Thirdly (Additional thoughts keep coming to mind XD) on a large scale pvp game I'm curious about something. If a person was insanely skillful would it be possible to run and dodge through the front lines to get to the vulnerable ranged characters and spell casters or is there no real situation where that would work regardless of skill?

    I wish we had ended up in the same games, it sounds like I would of loved playing against you. My team I made was based on the idea of make impossible scenarios and beat them, so send one team member to kill the enemy team with handicaps or have the team play together with severe restrictions to increase skill and teamwork. We had more fun with our team restrictions or training matches than anything else. It became boring to play regular matches against people because nobody was as challenging as the games we set up for ourselves.
  20. I guess you have an interest in Psychology. I have a lot of things I've picked up from people teaching me and being self-taught in areas. The areas I went to school for are Music, Computer Science, and Education. As far as lowering myself to you.....I haven't even tried measuring it. ^_^ So no worries!
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