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    For genre : Don't care, I'm more open minded than an open blank book.

    As for sound type :

    -Something sacred
    -..........actually just about anything that fits for a mountain.
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    Yo, special request: If you can, link me some royalty free music.

    It's time for me a collect a soundtrack for this project of mines.
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    It's on PS4, Xboner, and PC.

    PC will be released on a later date and PS4 is the only one (atm) to have global servers because fuck the Xboner in Japan LOL.
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    *forever facewalling*

    Even after an E3 demo and livestream demo on Capcom's YT channel, people (mainly the Western audience) are still bitching that MHWorld is the end of what Monster Hunter is.

    At this rate I'll have a bigger black list than I ever had on Generations & 4 Ultimate combined before World is released.
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    It's okay, we all fried our brains at one point or another and sometimes literally too.
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    "As for me long as I feel the anime isn't trash and or doesn't introduces itself in the first episode Again I get it the person who makes the least sense looks into qualities of things or people that makes no sense. Hm I should probably try complicating things a bit sometimes?" - Vinny

    I'm not understanding what you're trying to say. You trying to say you like complicated or simple things?
    Think I should had used the word "complex" instead of "complicate" to help you understand things a bit better and not 'complicate' things. You know, the plot lines that appear to be simple but have much deeper thoughts put into it.

    Whenever I start watching an anime that I never seen before I have 3 rules:
    1.) Why should I care about the main character?
    -Give me a reason to care about the MC.
    -How relatable is the MC?
    -How generic is the MC?

    2.) Why should I watch it?
    -How original is it? (because there are many clones and blunt rip-offs)
    -Is there something else similar to it? If there is, then why should I watch this one over the other?
    -Is it one-of-a-kind?

    3.) What was the first episode moment?
    -The moment or the scene in the first episode that sets the mode or plot of the anime.
    -How impactful was it?

    As for the sports anime thingy, the biggest problem is pretty much the genre itself. Most sports anime tend to be whatever sports that are done in high school when the term sport does not apply to just physical activities alone. When was the last time we a sports anime that is not based on high school sport or physical sport shtick?......I'm drawing a blank. Chess is a sport, videogame is a sport (come at me haters), and even card games are consider as sports. Hold a second, I remember 2 that I recently finished: Sangatsu no Lion and The King's Avatar (though, to be fair TKA only touched a bit onto it).

    <insert an entire essay of ranting>
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    The lock up thing is just a joke, because you know about the hardcore anime fanbase. Say you hate something and then people get trigger even if it is the general consensus that the anime sucks.

    As for sport based anime, not all are shit. Just's so friggin generic and all follow the same bland idea. It's always a mix combination of school + LOL friendship! We have problems! + romance because why not! + LOL We're the team that the base focus on so we automatically win, but we'll be the underdogs to just make us relatable!

    This isn't saying they are all's just they're all boring on a creative level.

    I like complicated anime, which is why I loved Sangatsu No Lion to death. Literally replace the sport of Shogi with any other sport known to mankind and it'll still be a masterpiece.
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    I wish I understand the exotic language of Vin-glish because I have no idea what you are saying.

    As for a WoW slayer, lol nothing will ever be a WoW slayer because majority of them of either half-ass, bland, rip-offs, and bad devs which makes up 99.98% of all MMOs.

    Re:Zero sucks balls just like Yuri on Ice. Now if you'll excuse me, I most lock up my doors and private all of my social media stuffs.
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    I thought you moved away from PSO2?
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    Destiny 2........

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    MHWorld JP Demo from Capcom's livestream with Gajinhunter's inputs.

    Also I just came into realization on the one thing that I'll hate about MHWorld and it is not the games fault...............I have a large T.V. that is going to kill that U.I.
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    Is that Jontron? Haven't seen things from in a................very long time.

    Summer Sale started........R.I.P. servers.

    As I wait for the servers to return to the land of the living.........this is the first thing I see on my Twitter Ibushi.
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    AoT has fallen into the Dragonball Effect: symptoms are hype and a lot of a action, but shit or stereotypical story.

    The more I noticed how bore I am in the past week, the more I realized that something in particular was missing........I'm not playing Monster Hunter. Last Summer I had Generations and the year before was 4 Ultimate.

    And then I completely forgot about the spin-off, Stories and looked up it's Western release why in the fall and not Summer? We have World in early 2018!

    Guess I only have one choice...........*charges 3DS* Steam Summer Sale.....why you no come sooner DX
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    Started the Spring Anime season with 8 animes, now down to 3 after dropping 5. One of them had just finished.

    The King's Avatar: (12 episodes) (finished)
    My Score: 9 / 10

    -Occasional bad CGI and repetitive use of several animation sequence
    -Has probably one of the best Soundtrack of the season.
    -Mature atmosphere and breaks away from the "gamer" trope that Japanese anime has become famous for (i.e. no fanservice, gravity defying tits, panty shots, Kirito/Goku like MC)
    -Fantastic and intense animation, especially in the last half of the season. Especially in Episode 8 where the only description is Battle God vs The Magician (literally).
    -Has probably one of the top fighting sequence and scenes in the seasons along with Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season and Re:Creators
    -Also, that final episode DX
    -Season 2 in 2018.........dammit I want more now! Least more good stuffs awaits in 2018 now.
    -I highly recommend this, because if not for Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season and AoT 2 for stealing the spotlight then The King's Avatar would be anime of the season. Great anime, bad release timing.
    -Final episode is a 10 out of 10 episode.
    -I'm going to say it now: IT'S GOING TO BE THE ANIME that puts Chinese anime on the board.
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    Then do the shuffle.
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