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    Me and Mini await for your arrival.
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    I would had used an everstone, but I was searching for Naive nature so no point. Sadly, it has the right IVs too.

    In other news, Toukiden 2 has been very fun so far. Nothing like Monster Hunter, but the satisfaction of ripping all of a boss's limbs is great.
    Also, HEY! It's Dark Argani's cousin!
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    Breeding for my final member of my team for Rating Battles Season 3 in Sun and Moon.................I hatched a shiny Froakie. Sadly it's not the right nature.
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    My only reaction to this 7 year old the image.

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    Toukedin come I haven't seen more of this game (and Toukedin) being compared to Monster Hunter than **** Eater 2.

    Game seems fun, but I think it will be weekend or free day game for me ._./
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    Parents asks me if I want to go watch King Kong movie with them and my step brother.

    Me: There's a new King Kong movie?
    Mother: Yes, want to watch it with us?
    Me: Let me look it up, I heard rumor of one.......
    Step brother comes in: Yo you want to come watch Logan with us?
    Me: *facepalm*
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    Sangatsu No Lion just ended..........
    Finished Konosuba as well................
    Finished Tales of Berseria...........

    All of the good stuffs in the past 5 months gone just like that. (though more like 2 weeks with Konosuba)

    At least Sangatsu No Lion season 2 confirmed though.
    *still waiting for Hai to Gensou no Grimgar season 2*
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    Eh I'm debating between ME Andromeda or Toukiden 2. Might try out the latter since I can refund it on steam if I can't run it.
    After that I'll grab FE Echoes.

    Fanfiction for Tales of? Nah, I prefer my own world. As a matter of fact, wait till you see what I did these past couple of week later in the week.
    *begins to write Tales of Fanfiction*........I lied.
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    So with Mass Effect Andromeda out in less than few days I decided to do a 10 hour of power grind run to finish Tales of Berseria.

    120 hours playtime over the course of 2 months, never before had a RPG outside of Monster Hunter had me so hooked into it. It is literally a perfect JRPG.

    The only bad thing about it is..............I finished it.

    I eagerly await for the next installment of the Tales of series and pray for a Berseria sequel in the distant future.................*starts New Game+ to 100% complete achievements*
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    My Lycanro Midday (Spike Jr.) never stood a chance against that stupid Heatran without his Focus Sash.

    Also here's a horrifying battle: Alolan Marowak meets the Steel Types. GDDG - WWWW - WWW6 - 4XG7
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    To be really honest, breeding is very easy for me unless it is one of those Pokemons with a very very very very long hatch time....................*I'm looking at you Larvitar and Chansey*

    EDIT: Monster Hunter XX has new mechanic called's basically fashion but only for G Rank hunters......and here are my thoughts.
    So Cappycom, when is double cross coming to West? Summer 2017 hopefully? Please sooner before 2018.
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    I just breed while watching Youtube videos. IVs aren't hard for me because 6 IV ditto and ability isn't too hard because I already have boat load of hidden ability Pokemons from bank.
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    Koko is forever a stable in the meta. In fact, all of the tapus are a stable in the meta forever.........until a broken poison type move or Pokemon.

    Took another 5 hours to re-EV train 3 ferrothorn and 2 blazikens.......5 hours that could had spent listening to this to drive my insanity.
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