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    That's because it is real pain for I do not condone the use of the word "turd" and Tales of Berseria in the same sentence.

    Here's something fun to flip that frown of yours. For once it's not Minions related.
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    Read an article between Capcom and Nintendo Switch..........and I read "Monster Hunter is like a single player MMO."

    *facepalms* There is sooooo many things wrong in that sentence alone than Trump's presidency so far.
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    Me: I guess it's about time I finish that one mission on Tales of Beseria so I can get off of that stupid island. I also kinda hate Miss Gigantic forehead stealing the spotlight of Miss Big forehead in me skits so I want her out a.s.a.p.
    *3 hours later*
    Me: Stupid puzzle.
    *one boss fight later*
    Me: Holy what the fuck is going on!
    *Game says go back to base*
    Me: Eh, I'll enter next chapter and save at next city. I'll do the rest tomorrow.
    *Game says lol nope, base is now story*
    Me: Eh, only little bit longer.
    *5 friggins hours of wonderful story told* (4:20 a.m. pst aka I just finished and now telling you everything before I KO for half of the day)
    *Finishes 3rd boss battle*
    Me: Finally a save point.....wait...I'm not even at the end of the game yet after all of the nuclear missile of a story?

    Dear God, Abraham, Jesus, and Spaghetti Monster,
    Spare me.
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    That horrible pun.

    As for Ch 10. If it took me 13 hours to finish in hard, I do not want to imagine what pain it will be on Lunatic....and then there's chapter 26....
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    DS is fixed. Apparently it was just the mainly the old charger's fault and confirmed that it was broken since new charger works. Though the DS's porter is a bit damage to were I have to lean the new charger up, there is no need for a replacement for now.

    First thing I did:
    -Resume Lunatic Mode on Fire Emblem Awakening........finishes the chapter I was stuck on for weeks in less than 30 minutes with 2 tries. The chapter following that was finished within the next hour.
    -Hooray I can now finish Lunatic Mode Awakening and Fates before Echoes comes out........okay maybe not Fates *cries at Conquest Chapter 10*
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    Hi =]

    Lol could not resist. Though........somehow I get the feel that you are throwing shades at a particular shy person that barely talks even in a large group of talking peeps and just sits there and looks like an afk person when in fact is actually there...*stares at Mini*

    For some reason.........I remembered this was once a thing.
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    They don't call me Mrrrrrrrrrrr. Shenanigans for no reason ya know and why would my computer be not okay? Computer crash that I mentioned? That was just my stupid controller that I had hooked up onto my laptop that was acting stupid when I hasn't done so in like a month.

    As for FE, I just love strategy games which is why I still touch with Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Ages of Empire, and Company of Heroes. It's also why I tend to be hardcore in games like Monster Hunter and MMOs when it comes to raiding. It's also the major reason why I dropped PSO2, avoid FPS games (aside from Battlefield), and casual games/MMOs.

    I'm also like to look ahead into the future of franchises.
    1.) I see Fire Emblem Echoes as an experiment for the unnamed main series game that's going to be announced in 2018.
    2.) I see Resident Evil 7 as a restructuring of the RE series bringing back the horror aspect that RE 4/5/6 were missing and will likely be seen in future installments.
    3.) I see Monster Hunter Generations and XX as an experiment to introduce new combat mechanics after the flop of what was underwater combat (though I never got to experience that). I expect something interesting once an official Generation 5 is announced.
    4.) I see Sun and Moon's island trails as an experiment and bring back life into the series.

    .........I talk too much sometimes.
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    Eh I have a bro that can take a look into and see what he can do about it. If he can't or it costs over 85 bucks for him, then I just send it in to Nintendo for a repair. In all honesty, I want it to get fixed before Fire Emblem Echoes comes out because I've grown tire of Sun after overplaying it during the break.

    And of course I know how you feel about Minions which is all more the reason to make you watch them and your reactions much like my relationship with horrible dub anime.

    As I wait, I've been playing Tales of Berseria. I love this friggin game, only been 1 week since release and already put in 50 hours.......and I'm not even half way into the game. My only nack about the game is the horrid English voice for everyone, but Velvet. Thank the gods for Japanese voice over options.

    *enters new area to advance story*
    *gets absolutly destroyed*
    *grinds for 2 hours for new area*
    *encounters rare mob and kills it*
    *decides to go save after rare mob encounter*
    *accidentally gets into another battle*
    *computer crashes*
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    Actually if you're a competitive player, rule number 1 is to never attempt a setup on Skarmory because Skarmory always have whirlwind.

    Sadly cannot do more competitive battles until DS's charge port gets fixed.

    And here's something to celebrate your return from your M.I.A.
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    So I decided to make Mini my official logo. It'll be finished and uploaded on deviantart rather than here on the forums.

    The day I add cannons to him and turn Mini from a trolling dumbass into a fun badass is the day this will become his theme.
    Until then, this will be Mini's theme.
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