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    Outlast 2 in a nutshell:

    "I'm never ever going to play hangman again."
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    Go to it, take a picture with him and getting signed by him. Then send it over to me and I'll horribly photoshop mini into it.
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    If like something, then turn it into a hobby.
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    Busy day so I only logged into LOTRO for 10 minutes..............I made another 780 gold........I think it's safe to say my bank will be fine for the summer.
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    You can't undo 7 years of experience as a Runekeeper.
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    Simple day in LOTRO:

    -Makes 720g by selling 3 rare crafted tokens (and I only spent 80g)
    -Gets many invites into guilds, chose the one that felt similar to the old guild I had on a server that is now closed
    -Too much caffeine and I cannot rest

    Do not know why people are so high on my Runekeeper (LOTRO's healer/mage class) but this is a good start to a week.
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    Vinny saying unorthodox? What is this blasphemy? This is more unorthodox that the word unorthodox.

    And yes, over the Spring Break an idea came to me about a first person comic/manga with the main character being the viewer. Don't ask, just wait because I'm already working on it and plan to enter the first two pages in a contest.

    Though chances of you seeing the first 2 pages fully finished is unlikely until June, I'll tease with some character art or panels from the manga sometime next week.

    Now to make the greatest quote ever: "Unless I see someone make a Martian dragon with gills on its arms, electro tentacles for its limbs, crocodile tail, ankylosaurus armored back, piranha-like teeth, and cockroach-like wings for a comic / manga / television / movie / etc. then there are still new ideas to explore."
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    Quick and Random question(s):

    1. How does a manga/comic done in first person sounds?

    2. How does the manga/comic's main character be the viewer sounds?
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    ................and then everything spawned back when we back track out of the place.........RIP to the small group that we ran passed by the stairs because a horde was following us.
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    Final Day of Spring Break:

    I went back to said 6 man quest...........*returns with 23 others*...........I never seen an orc lair so empty and clean.
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    So I was playing Lord of the Rings Online because the 10th anniversary is coming up later the in month (making me a 6 year veteran)

    I spent the entire Spring Break for just one moment:
    *enters new map*
    *finishes 95% of new map's questline in 5 days*
    *final quest in the final questline is a 6 man quest*
    ................*attempts to solo it*
    *encounters a troll with 350k hp vs my 21k hp*
    *pops knuckles and snaps neck*
    *proceeds to man handle the troll*
    *encounters an orc warleader with 376k hp*
    *pops knuckles and snaps neck*
    *Double KO*
    *Returns to spot and attempts to continue to solo the quest*
    .............*spawns changed and most of the mobs are closer to each other*

    Me: Crap....................LLLLEEEEOOOORRRRYYYY JJJJEEEENNNNKKKKIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ............*dies instantly*
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    Monster Hunter Stories coming to west in the Fall and a RPG maker for DS too. I know what I am going to save my cash on.
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    I aware that watching it and summary are 2 different beasts, it's just that I'm not sold on watching it. However I will give it a go with 3 episodes.
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    Hmmm, interesting might want to take a gander at it then............

    *reads summary of said anime* *looks at review scores.......9 / 10, 10 / 10*

    Doubt I draw a tear from what I read in the summary. I can already tell what is going to happen.

    Tell me how far I am off with these assumptions:

    1. One of the club members is a loner.
    2. Big fight among club members when everything was going good.
    3. Beach or Hotsprings episode.
    4. "inspiring" speech. Basically the whole "I love this school! So I'm not going to let it go away!" then everyone else is like "Yeah! I'mma join in on this too!"
    5. Big musical ending that touches peoples heart and saves the school.
    7. One of the Main characters being like "There's no way we can save said school" at one point or another.

    Not trying to burst the bubble. I actually wanted to check it out because I have no slice-of-like anime that I am watching since Sangatsu No Lion ended.........but the summary and lol 10 / 10 reviews made it sound very medicore and standard. The whole High School Musical club has been done to hell since K-On IMO.

    Edit: Also, that cover with that big cast is a nono for me. 9 characters within 13 episodes?........I feel like it may end up with the Angel Beats syndrome.
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