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    Trash the mobile account I dont use that crap anymore
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    Yeah. That would be nice. I need something fun to do at this point in time. Minecraft or PSO2, I need something to take my mind off of almost everything else in life. I've been once again feeling depressed and have recently lost care with nearly my entire family, because of some back-stabbing and back-lashing (not literally) I've recently been subjected to over this holiday weekend.

    Basically, great holiday weekend with siblings, and at the end, everything went down to s**t.
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    No thank you. I haven't played Pokemon in a while, and online battles aren't something that I feel like doing any time soon. Not in the mood for it.
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    Hi Doc,

    In case you missed it, I'm back, and planning on making this Friday's revival. (It's this Friday, right?)
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    Hi Doctor,

    I had planned to re-join in the activity when I eventually regain interested in playing PSZ again, but it won't likely happen for a while. Please remove me from the group.
    Thank you.
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    You just copy the banned members to the second list in order to simply save their info in case if they want to come back :3 Of course you should delete their original records from the main page.
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    I gave paromin your fc.

    he was busy saturday-sunday irl
    i saw him today LOL
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    Alright, thanks Shanks ^o^b

    I added you to the Team Chato thread.

    I'll let him know when I see him. Really? I didn't know he's famous. LOL! His gameplay is amazing though. So fast with Humilias OAO;;

    Anyways I'll give him your fc. XD
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    Ah, I see. That explains why you haven't been online so often anymore, particularly on MSN. I'll assume you aren't planning on a new computer build like you previously talked about for now, since you're paying that monthly fee for internet access.

    I guess college isn't bad, but I wouldn't know, due to me being in a private institute. But then again, Sean's been complaining about the instructors at Cambrian (assuming you're going there), so I guess you should be aware with dealing with some of them. It's almost unsettling how good my instructors at RCC are, compared to other instructors that my friends are talking about.

    As for me, getting busy with work, crashing in bed at home most of my time, having an occasional time grinding in PSO2 with my big brother (now on my very own laptop that I recently got two days ago), and trying to get back into watching anime and playing Minecraft. (I should totally stop being lazy and watch some Universal Century-related Gundam series. My sister is more into Gundam than me now. )

    As for my next visit home, MAYBE I'll be home for the Labor Day weekend, and I'll be home for two weeks after ~21st of September (end of my exam week). That may, however, not be such great timing for you or Sean, since you guys will be in college by then.
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    *Pokes you with a broom*

    So Shanks, since we haven't talked in a while, what's up with you now?
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    Thanks for the PSZ runs ^o^b cx
    so much fun!

    Did you say you want to join chato? ^_^
    Ill add you.
    Whats your timezone and main? *u*b
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    well if u have time. id like an invite please ty.
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    i simply would like to play more. but im busy sometimes i mostly work a 12 hour shift .but id like to return and play so ty if u can give me an invite .but like i said its my oppion. i just think i should have been kept in because i always messaged about what i was doing and the fact i miss my friend's. plus alot of people in the group are not playing so its kinda just silly to have such strict rules . its all about having fun with friends . i have a very good point .i think ur taking the ban thing way to serious .live a bit my friend enjoy good friendships.i would like an invite and play pso reviVal how it use to be with out bans and rules .i understand the cheating, rude langauge and be kind to others rule .lets just have fun and bring it back shank's like old time's .
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    I do like durability, and not dying super fast.
    And um, thanks! >//<
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    I'm jealous sometimes, and I must say for me, my cute FOmar is kinda decent, despite not having a Zero Cane (angelic purposes), and much Tech compared to many other FO, but he sure has quite a bit of HP, a bit over 800.
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    Pretty sig! And hey, a fellow FO >_<
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    could i have a invite please and ty. id also like to make a request for the rivivial ?.if a person does not play for a bit i think he or she should not get banned .strictly because he or she is away for a bit because of life .it's my oppion but really ur busy and u are still in the i find it rather unfair .pso 0 is to have fun with friend's not ban people from the group .
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    hey can i join the PSZ revival group please
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    I edited my post below. For some reason, I thought you were talking about my Mag Quirks guide when you were actually talking about the Subtle Gameplay Tricks guide I showed you a few weeks back. Whoops.
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    You're welcome, DoctorShanks. I noticed that particular PSZ player did spend a lot of time researching useful information for the game that I have found both interesting and useful and hate to see nobody else reading it and utilizing what this player found.
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