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    I hope today wasn't too horrid for you. Still hoping it went well to an extent. At any rate, hang in there!
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  3. Yes I hope your was good and if you like can I have your present and cake too for next year as well? Cause I am the greedy birthday monster!
  4. Looking good so far! So What did you get me for my birthday? Also? Happy birthday! Happy birthday! TO ME! Happy birthday! TO ME! Now sing a song to me! Now I owe all your present and cake! Cause I am the birthday monster! So I take all birthday's for myself! So Happy birthday!
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    I didn't forget ^_^ Happy birthday from me and Megan
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    And a happy birthday to you! May this day bring you great joy
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    Happy Birthday, BLB's friend!

  8. 19sai - xxxholic opening full
    (What came to mind this day)
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    Happy birthday! :>
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    Hey, happy birthday! (that birthday list thing is handy)
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    Many thanks for the link
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    About the same with me. I'm only going to College Part Time since I'm not sure if I can handle the work load in Full Time. My classes are easy enough... except I have no idea where I plan to be once this is over. I'm in the General Arts program, and I'm sort of liking some subjects but not so much others. I don't really see my family as much as I'd like to.

    I'm still living with my Grandparents (probably will be until I move out and get my own place). All in all, life is good and simple. I'm making friends here and there, and I even have a girlfriend now... It's such a happy miracle how that came to be. Between her and the workload I have in College, I have next to no free time to myself to do things like managing the PSZR and playing games in general. That's all I can think of right now. Sorry if that was a lot to read.
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    Haven't heard from you in a while. How have you been? How's life treating you?
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    Just a few friends over the Shoddy Server. The topic of PoFV came up recently, and I wanted to show them Merlin's slicing and dicing powers.

    I've heard good things about Persona 4... I should look it up eventually. Especially if there's a PS3 version available, since I haven't been using my PS3 in ages.
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    You wouldn't happen to still have THAT old ancient Yuka vs Merlin replay. I'd like to look over it and share it with a few people, if you don't mind. May you send it to me through Hotmail if you still have it?

    Also, have things been getting any better since that incident? I've been worried. How's everything going with you?
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    We should play Minecraft online again with Sean and Jake on Vent like old times. I've recently gotten back in to that game and 1.3 is really fun.
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    Internet's been down for a LONG time. But anywho, I'm back. And I'll probably be here for a while yet again. This is the first time I've ever had to pay a monthly fee for anything.

    Life is allright. I've been working full time at the Hanmer Mall for about a month now, but I might not remain there if College is going to get in the way. Speaking of which, College is rght around the corner, and I expect that'll be interesting. I don't know who I'll expect to see there besides Megan (our lockers are right next to each other), and maybe Sean if I'm lucky. My biggest worry is whether or not I'll be able to keep up (fees, work, homework, etc).

    I've been texting Megan back and forth occasionally, but other than that, my connection with the outside world has been very non-existant. It's pretty boring actually. Maybe you could let me know sometime when you're in Sudbury, and I'd be able to visit?

    EDIT: And you can call me by name here if you want. I've shared it publicly enough so that anyone can find it if they look hard enough.
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