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    Haha nah im not that big of a computer nerd but i love me my video games heheh!
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    Well i envy you for having a computer that can play pso2 right now lol
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    Oh i thought taking the pills were type 2 right? Isnt type 1 more serious?
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    Is that a yes?
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    My forcefulness? o_O Do I cast too many foies? D:

    But no really, whatever the deal is I don't really care, I'm just the kinda guy that hits back when people takes jabs at me from the blue. I can be a HUGE dick but usually I'll think someone deserves it, and it turns into a pattern of bledshed when that's all people seem from me, and I have almost complete strangers treating me negatively. @[email protected]

    Like seriously I've only known you for like 12 forum posts as far as I remember. Which means, yeah I don't hate YOU either? <_>
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    I didn't really do it in private. I discussed the idea with Nuru almost a week ago and then made a thread about it yesterday, asking people to join our little entourage. Out of the 7 people on the list so far, only 1 is a woman (that I know of), and that's Nuru. I'd still like it if you wanted to join the group. With all that anger you're throwing around, there's no way you could lack the skills necessary to pwn some noobs. I mean, you pwn noobs on the forums on a daily basis. I could use skill like that.
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    Also, you haven't even told me you wanted to do Hard Mode or Time Attack. Not in my thread and not in Skype. If you want to be in it, I see no problem with that as long as you can keep the anger under control and it doesn't keep us from progressing.
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    Could be.
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    Im sorry! You were covered up by a mountain of love, friendship, and rainbows on my profile heheh but i have my pills now! Im so glad they didnt have to prescribe me insulin shots :O then i wouldnt be able to re-enlist
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    Because I didn't hide anything from you. I told you the same exact thing I told her, that I would have posted something like "umad" just to fuck around with you, as a joke. I didn't mean any harm by it.

    I honestly thought you'd shrug it off. I didn't know you cared enough to take it that seriously.
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    First of all, I don't think too highly of myself. Out of everyone on this forum, it honestly seems to me like I'm one of the very few people who doesn't hate you. Secondly, yeah, I may have told her to say something short like "umad" as a joke, and I even TOLD you about it (that covers your third point). I didn't expect her to post a giant multi-colored picture.

    I thought it would be funny, I thought you could take a damn joke. I guess I thought wrong.
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    I didn't do jack shit to you. As big a dick as you've been around here, you want to fuck with the only person on this entire fucking forum that has given you the light of day?
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    The fuck was that all about?
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    I believe, me being myself and having people enjoy my company isn't a crime. You however, need to learn to lighten up~ <3 It's a sad but true fact my dear.
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    Um.. I don't drink bleach and I don't go screaming for attention if that's what you though, then erm.. don't lol cuz I like to make people smile and love mingling :3 And who's ignoring you? o_O I still don't get why you're being so mad lol And when did I get angry @[email protected] ..
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    Lolwhut? xD No idea what you talkin about
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    >:| you hobo
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    Its precisely why you're a scoundrel. ;_; (not helping my claim with mami signature to boot either har)
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    I have steam but i dont have any games for it i just use it for chatting, or at least i used to lol
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