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    Just today, tomorrow, and I get away from mothafackas for an entire weekend <3
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    aww kiteh yush I forgiv kitteh
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    xD its all good sides I'm pretty easy that you didn't even have not try.
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    Youuuuu mothafuckincocksuckingasshole! Kinda realized you were playing a sick joke on me then I was like >_> This bich playin with my feels.
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    D: where are you going?! Don't leave me with all these shitty assholes you jerk Take me with you!!!
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    *MH Prances with joy at this newest development*
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    I was just watching that on my lunch break and was gonna forward that video to you plus the lilipan we call commander bunbuns is back so I may try doing a lil rp that involves the bunny xD Good ol knife game with vanessa getting stabbed.
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    Well he did get the girl kinda... O.o Also Commander Bunbunns is back in the Lobby gott
    gotta report to hime after work!!!!
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    *Reads all that and shakes his head* Maing you crazy but this week in pso2 have been as crazy as you. Bought a mag reset ticket for Valen, discovered the joys of Fo/fi, and just learned this morning that this week while I'm at work someone has been logging into my account and harassing Squall. Insane right? My work week has been insane as well lol.

    Gajeel San save us!
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    Wtf... Gadammit Striker >_< You got me again with some random crazy bs! Also if I see you on I
    I'll be sure to send you a pink message

    Divinity 2, two bucks? Where do I sign!!!
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    Soooo my pso2 account has been Dark Falz Elder'd... just a heads up if you happen to seen me online this week at unusual hours.
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    You seem much happier with Mini than your girls and locough I mean Gray.

    I kinda noticed some characters in the ol rp were either working with or were orphans poor kids
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    *Still laughs* Damn, Mini sure has came a long way. Started as a bug looking thing with focast parts and ronia head to Len.
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    Wtf xD its Mini unmasked!
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    I should be able to get it After Easter when I get back from my anime convention. Sorry for the late response.
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    Just bring Crescent Rose with you and call it a day screw gearing. :P
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    Fart Gorillas.... Really man farting gorillas -Aria facepalm shakes my head- Well seems like you're having fun with MH4U Thats cool must be nice to have a gaming world to call your home xD.
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    D: Nnnnnnoooooo
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