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    i luv u bb
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    Interesting discovery you made in Phasion Thread. Will be expecting him/her and other likeminded posters to be running rampant here fore a few weeks.
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    Okay, there it is and sorry again for the wait u_u;
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    Sorry for the wait!
    Anyway, I took a screenshot in Este of the skin color slider:

    I hope that helps. If not I could still give you the chara creation data.
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    In a color comparison on a drawing, here's what I sampled, and the range that should be.

    Which is really close to the default hunewearl.

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    Hey how close was I with that estimate on skin color?
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    Oh, shit.
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    So, I've always wanted to ask-

    Why a blue jumpsuit?
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    You're Shigure? I think I ran into you yesterday. Thought you were just some random lobby-er.
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    O-oh, I was being nice. Just thought you might want to share some of your ideas. This is a two waifu job, right?

    Hmm.. maybe we can make this job a triple.
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    Nowhere today. Tomorrow. . . . I've got a lot of catching up to do as I haven't played PSO2 in a week. I need to take care of some things before maintenance (grinding, affixing, etc) After maintenance or later on Wednesday. . I'm all green. ._.b

    Btw no rookie shoots. We come up with a theme and roll with it, okay? o3o
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    To question whether I meant a photoshoot or something lewd (With her? As long as she doesn't meet my fox she wont get devoured) is.. o3o

    Of course I meant photoshoot, why else would I be here?

    Don't worry, when Sako sets his mind on something he's pretty harmless. You can let your guard down now. Sako asking you for a photoshoot, bet you never expected that from Sako. o3o

    I knew you would go back to her original and that's why I'm here. I like her better that way.
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    Baka, learn how to correctly visitor post. Select "view conversation" then leave a post. Otherwise the other person won't be notified.

    I just want to kidnap your brownie for a little bit. You've caught my attention. o3o

    I think she'd be perfect for a session with my Brownie. o3o
  14. What do you mean? And yeah I may be free.
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    Hi.. uh.. do you have something shorter?

    Anyway, are you busy? o3o
  16. hi there
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