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Battle missions and import data
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Default Battle missions and import data - 09-26-2009, 03:00 AM

I picked up a copy of Dengeki PS today and it had some interesting information on battle modes besides Catapult Jump and some information on importing data. However, all of this information comes from screen shots.

Battle Mode
  • Battle Royal
  • Blitzkreig Death Match
  • No Wall
  • The Great Menace
  • Advance like an Arrow of Light
  • Who will hit the switch?
  • 13's Room

Import Data
  • Character Import
  • Demo Save Data Import
  • Download Item Import

Some of the battle modes sound interesting. I have no idea what some of the others are though. I bet the Arrow of Light one will be some kind of race and the Switch one will be a Russian roulette thing. The import data also is promising. It more or less guarantees a demo. The "download item" entry has potential and full of mystery. Does this mean there will be PSN item downloads or special download items from somewhere else? It might just be a Tales of Mythologies style import though.

Edit: Changed the name of the battle mission I couldn't read to the proper name.

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