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    on quests you cannot find rares (ver.2 only)

    if you have the original disk, download sunset at secert base(jap) , or central dome fire swirl, after that you can use the copy to play them and win some awsome stuff
    as for downloading soul of a blacksmith, download in jap, play in jap to obtain the rares, (pal quest does not give rares)
    these 3 quest do not freeze (i tested them)

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    Interesting. I knew there weren't any rares in V2 quests.

    I play on my DC, how do I transfer the quests to my VMU? I don't have internet connection on my DC.

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    by the common way you can go online and select quest download (depending on language more quests may apear)
    another way is to go on the net and search any site with those files

    these 2 need internet connection

    another way (far expensive and slow) is for you to buy a nexus memory with cable, download the quest files with a computer, then tranfer them to the nexus with a program, then access the memory and copy (if you prefer) to a sega memory unit

    ......wich one do you like?

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    Hey, guys, I've found a way to deal with those freezes - in the room where game freezes right before interacting with the object or NPC that causes freeze you need to take a teleport to Pioneer 2 and come back. Just it. It worked for me in Battle training, Gran Squal. And also in mission with doctor Osto's research game freezed after beating up the fat guy. You cannot take a teleport in this case, so you have to die, to respawn at medical centre on Pioneer 2 and come back to that place and beat the crap outta that guy. So far this system works.

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