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    Oh, well idk then.

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    Okay I can help all of you. I posted a thread called "Locations of Kubara Wood and Kersline." I put as much detail as i could. I was gettting frustrated with how hard it was to find those two items. Btw the locations are for the offline story mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altaneen View Post
    this question has probably been asked already and i might just be blind, but can ne1 plz tell me where to find kubara wood.I am going to go crazy trying to find the stuff ty.
    iv found a few of em from useing goggles to cut down trees. sometimes they drop that way.

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    I've also found one on What Is In The Ruins - however, not where people usually claim it is. While often said to drop from a 5 container set, I found one in the small room with 4 containers (two on each side) where a Polovohra spawns and it needs to be killed for an Info Key.

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