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    Ok, so I bought this game the day it came out (I think I am number 920 on PS2/PC), and have well over 500 hours logged in online, and 40 or so offline. Since day 1, I have avoided playing with all but a select few (who are the few I know on PSU from real life). I have become the master of doing solo missions (sadly, much like my personal life...). I have beaten every mission solo with S rank, with the exception of De Ragnus. I used to avoid Universe 2 or whatever the highly populated universe like it was the plague. BUT the other night, I got bored, and decided that I wanted to join a party. So I ventured to the fearsome Universe 2, and found a party of five doing the Hive on S rank. Upon joining them, I discovered just how much more fun it is to play with others (though you don't get nearly as many cool rares...)! For all of you anti-social types out there like me, you should give it a try. It is like a whole new game! And for the most part, the people actually aren't the jerks that I assumed they'd be. There was no "OMG FRC HELZ ME!" or "U R GAY CUZ I SED SO" There was a lot of "TY"'s and "Good Job"'s and "Congrats"'s. Have all the annoying people quit? Or are they just all low levels? When I hang out in the lobby, I do hear a lot of stupid banter about wanting to trade a Psycho Wand, or other hacked item for a Black Heart. But as long as they don't bother me, no biggie. Kinda like the homeless.

    There, that is my public service announcement for today. THE MORE YOU KNOW....

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    Sometimes you wind up with jerks or idiots, more often you get a decent if uninspiring party, and on occasion you wander into a solid, pretty tight group. Soloing is a good challenge and all but there's only so much one can take. A good group that makes you want to stick around really helps make the grinding more bearable.

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    one of the best things about parties is that the more people in it, the more monsters. i do alot random parties, and quite a bit of solo. but what i really want is a partner, just one person. but yeah, sometimes you'll join a party, and mention something and it turns out someone else is into that too and you end up talkin to them for like 15 mins that's always cool
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    Uni 01/02 is alot better nowdays than what it used to be. I rarely see retards now. I prefer to stick with Uni15 still though, unless I'm in desperate need of a party (I hate soloing >_<).

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    If it wernt for daily time constraints, Id probably solo all the time. Partying just get things done quicker and easier....
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    I solo to get my PA's up a little more, to collect photons and when I have alot of luck. I have alot(to me anyway) of people on my Partner Card list, but really never see them.

    I spend probably too much time in Uni2(or whatever) and see the kids spouting one type of trash or another. I jump in alot of games and most of the time, it's ok. We'll plow through a few times and go our separate ways. Sometimes though, I get people similar to the kids in the lobby, grit my teeth through the mission, than leave.

    So... I dono. Maybe it's time I moved to Universe 15.

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