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    This has only started happening recently but it's beginning to annoy me incredibly.

    I have been suffering from crashes recently. It's usually ok logging in to the game, but then when it is loading up the central table it will make the Xbox guide noise, the loading sceen will stop moving, and I will have to hard reset the console.

    Now occasionally it will load the central table but then will crash (same spot, halfway through the loading screen) when loading someone elses room, when exiting my room, even the 3 times I have managed to get as far as a mission in 2 weeks it crashes as I am exiting the mission and loading the lobby.

    The game has become completely unplayable it crashes out everytime I try and load into something and I have no idea why, it worked fine up until this started happening.

    Things I have tried that confuse me more:

    I thought it was an over heating problem so I tried a different game and played Tony Hawk's P8 for about 3 hours with no errors, as PSU normally crashes within 4-10 minutes I figured it wasn't the console.

    I thought it was my copy of the game so I borrowed my friends copy (his work's perfectly on his consol) and I get the same crashes! Odd I thought...

    So after these two tests I think the worse and assume my account is buggered. I went to my mates house and recovered my Gamertag onto his console, and was able to play crash free for about 4-5 hours before having to head home, not one crash.

    So why the hell does this happen? I am completely stumped as to what is going on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as currently I can't figure it out...

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    Hmmm. Try swapping hard drives. Test his HDD on your console and your HDD on his.

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    Isn't that basically what I did with the profile swapping? By uploading my gamertag onto his console and accessing the online game that way it would have the same effect?

    If it is a HDD error that sucks.

    I have heard that it could be a cache problem, similar to what sometimes happened with Oblivion. Is there a way to clear the cache or is this way off?

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