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    Are you on now? I want to do the trade for the Inferno bazooka tonight, is that ok? What is your AIM screen name? Please reply. Thanks


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    Come to Ariel Block 12 Lobby 6 at around 8:15 PST(that's about 1 hour 15 minutes from now)

    I am doing trades there, so search the room names for my PSO char(her name is Anya)I will either be in room or in lobby. If I am in room and it is full be patient, I will be up occasionally.

    Just to confirm

    Bazooka for Stag, Book of Katana 1, and Parasite Wear(2 slots), right?

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    yeah, exept the parasite wear has 3 slots! hehe, cool for you. hey, how long will you be on? cuz my parents are using the tube for a while, i may be late, will you be on till about 10:00 PST? Thats about when ill be on. Thanks again for saving the inferno bazooka for me. Ill see u at 10:00 PST Ariel Block 12, lobby 6. Laterz

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    that's a helluva lot for just an inferno bazooka....anyways....good for you

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