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    I was doing lab ss and first block we didn't get 1 rare, second blocked we didn't get a rare and third block we were thinking, 'man I bet we get a 10* drop.. Then we got nothing and in the boxes we got nothing... atleast we got a S. We were hoping jaggo amures would pop up or something to substitute for the lack of rares, especially since u usuallu get like 10-12 rares. Lol darn beast luck.
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    Lab is weird sometimes. Ive seen a bunch of Normal S runs where nothing good at all droped beyond 8* Vestaline or whatever

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    So play it again, to see if anything happens.
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    if you did the run with out bees no jaggos will turn up and as far as no rares wow that really sucks i run it with no luck and manage 10-12 rares a run

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