View Poll Results: Ill admit,I havent been raising enough meseta as i wanted to have heading into the update.I wanted a

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  • immediately head to tunnel recapture S2!

    2 3.33%
  • hope to god that the player shop market resets

    2 3.33%
  • buy some 9 star casting/gunning weapons from NPC's

    4 6.67%
  • buy new clothes

    35 58.33%
  • make pancakes

    7 11.67%
  • any combination of the above

    3 5.00%
  • I haven't saved enough meseta

    4 6.67%
  • fuck psu,Im going to disney world!

    3 5.00%
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    Ill admit,I havent been raising enough meseta as i wanted to have heading into the update.I wanted at least 1.5 million and Im gonna end up with considerably more than half.spent too much time raising my cast instead of spamming lab s2. oh well though.

    are you guys ready?what will you be buying?how will 9 star items potentially being in the NPC shop affect what you do?

    talk amongst yaselves.
    btw, poll question: what will you do/buy when the update hits?

    lol yes again with the 9 stars in the said on that page about the update that new items would be available in this update.

    besides Im kinda bankin on it.apparenly in japan they go for 250k in the shops,which is roughly 100k less than wat you would spend if you were to DARE go to player shops and look for 9* casting/gunner weapons.

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    On 2007-04-12 08:26, Rashiid wrote:

    edit: 9*'s wont be in NPC stores.

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    well,there you have it.


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    since this post chiefly concerns friday 4/13's update,can someone post the link to the page that has all the info about the update?I cant seem to find it atm >.>

    especially the clothes.I forgot wat the parts looked like and Id like to see them myself.

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    yea yea I know it was silly sayin 9 stars would be in shops.someone told me they had it on the jap servers so it woulda made sense for us to get them.

    and yeah,tunnel recapture s2 might be worth looking into for you skeptics out there.drops on S rank are phenomenal,and the experience is a half step below desert goliath,which is thebest, bar none.not sure exactly what wll be dropping on s2 but mymoney is on a 9* or higher grenade launcher off of the drua gohras,and probabl a really high axe(hmm...bil de axe?)off of the bildevears,and of course a whole slew of materials i.e mot ebon/walna and all the ores.I found a gur napam off of a drua gohra once,so its likely that itll drop 9* one or higher.also,I found a rabol rad board 8*s so its likely that 9 * or higher armor boards will also be dropping a bit more plentiful as well.

    and the experience is simply fantastic.itll probably beat anything thats out there for mp's and money?if you wanna make money off that mission youll probably have to sell alll the rares you findand wat not but the mp's/meseta on srank werent that bad.I think it was 37 for S-ing the S,so thats probably like 3800 meseta.

    I strongly advise tht you try tunnel recapture s2.besides,people have been swearing on valley of carnage since this game came out,so Im sure s2 of that will be decent.mine defense...well...nobody really gives a shit.

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    agreed that we need more srank boards.even though my 2 characters are indeed a fighgunner and a techer,its still really lame that all we have out is that despicable amount of s rank boards after the game being out already for 6 months.

    can you beleive were discussing how we dont even have the entire game available to us yet? >.<

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    right, right ..

    sweet,so it seems clothes is the main focus.yall arent excited about the other stuff?idk,there arent any good force clothes comin out and Im not too crazy about the parts so I guess that saves me 120k on clothes cus I kno if I liked it hell Id end up spendin that much on it too lol...

    tunnel recapture s2 is wat has me all excited.dont forget about new s rank board drops!we have no clue at all as to wat the hell itll be but Im gonna guess at spear axe and grenade launcher because thats mainly wat drops on moatoob,and moatoob is gtting 3 s2 missions.

    t minus a few more hours.gonna go spam some s2 lab for last-minute cash.hope thers a lotta people so I find a party easily

    good luck

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    Again with the 9 stars in the shop? oy vey.

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    clothes n pamcaekz

    edit: 9*'s wont be in NPC stores.

    if JP dont hav em, we wont

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    I'm still saving up for that armor, I've been looking for. Sori Senba. Nothing gets bought until I get that.
    PSO2 Character information:

    Eric Windhaven (Fomar) Ship 02.

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    Yeah, all I want are those Caseal parts. Which I think are called Digeil or something of that sort.

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    Clothes... and try to spam Goliath S. Hopefully there will be more people to party with when the easter rappies are gone, but I guess CB is still around... :/

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    new clothes, some new weapons hopefully, and PANCAKES! wheeehooooo! XD

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    Unless the changes in item drops in this update are sranks i'll just buy some new clothes then wait for the update with Rainbow Beast and Mad Beasts S2.

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    Pretty much set on weapons and armor, and just blew 3.75mil on a solid, so i'll be buying the male casts last set of parts. I'll buy the whole, but I won't wear those crappy arms. Then I'm off to the new missions.

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