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    I'm not sure how rare this item is, but i think it might be rare. I killed a blue rab rabby to get it. If you want it just let me know what you would want to trade.

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    It's rare enough, as it hasn't appeared on this site's rare item list. I would advise you to report it to PSO world before you trade it. Any item is rare if the name apeares al in capital letters and the name is gold instead of white, gray, or green. I would trade you a pan for it, but I'm probably not at high enough of a level to use it. Sorry.

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    Hey i would love to get my hands on that....
    I got a shitload of stuff...private msg me or send me a aim msg.

    just to name a few;
    2 Double Sabers +20
    Photon Claw +10
    Delsabers Buster
    Celestial Shield

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